Lucky Star 21 starts with the girls returning to school after the summer break. The girls spend time discussing how with all the summer classes and studying they hardly had any time to have fun, then Konata tells the other girls that she spent between 330 to 420 dollars at comiket (hell that’s a lot of money, I usually don’t spend that much at a convention and I have a much better paying job then she does). Later the show switches to Konata’s house where cousin Yui comes over for a visit to check on her sister Yu-chan. Later Tsukasa has to deal with her issues of getting up early enough to do her studying because she can’t muster enough energy to study into the night. Then we spend some time watching Hiyori coming up with ideas for her manga but always forgets to write them down so she always forgets them later. Then the high school senior class goes on a school trip to Kyoto and Japan’s old capital of Nara (Nara was the capital of Japan from 710-784, it has a lot of famous shrines and other cultural attractions, and Nara is also famous for its tame deer population). Then after the bus ride to their hotel in Kyoto Kagami finds a note in her bag saying a boy would like to talk to her at 9pm outside the hotel, and she thinks that a boy wants to confess to her. She spends the better part of the day in a dreamy mood, but at the meeting it turns out the guy just wanted a doll she bought. Then we switch to Lucky Channel  where Minoru returns from his trip and Akira rejects the water he brought back and he finds out he’s been replaced, so then he goes on a berserker rampage. Below are some screen shots from the episode.




Below is a picture of a lost in thought Kagami thinking about meeting the guy whom wrote her the note.


Below are pictures of Minoru’s rage.


     Well, as Lucky Star  continues towards it’s conclusion I feel that the show is starting to take a more melancholy mood as its pace increases. The girls spend more time than ever studying, and less time having fun. I felt really sorry for Kagami this episode, she seemed to be in a really dreamy mood as she wondered how the meeting with the boy from the note would go. Then she received a let down when she found out all he wanted was a doll she bought instead of a confession of love. I think that Konata figured what happened and felt sorry for Kagami. Well what did I expect, so far none for the girls have had a boyfriend yet and a boyfriend would probably screw up the chemistry of the show, oh-well better luck next time Kagami.