This episode starts off with the girls preparing for the air show being held at their base tomorrow, and Ltc. Togo and the girls try to come up with a name for their team. The best they can come up with so far is “the girls who fly in the sky”, sounds pretty lame to me. On the day of the airshow, military bigwigs try to upstage the sonic divers’ debut by debuting their new fighter plane giving very little notice to Ltc Togo. Right before the sonic divers flight demonstration Ltc Togo finds all the girls in a bad mood; Karen because her brother’s a no show, Otoha because the new fighter pilot made fun of her sonic diver and called her a brat, Eika because her father a general and didn’t bother to show up at the demo. Just as their about to begin their demo a landslide occurs in the mountains and the air show must be put on hold for a while. Karen and Otoha want to go and help, but Eika says to wait for their demonstration, eventually they talk Eika into wanting to go and help in the rescue mission. The team misses it’s chance at the air show but they get great television coverage conducting rescue operations, and the news media starts calling the team  “the sky girls”. At the very end of the episode Togo and Hizuki view the destruction inflicted on the European base by the worms, and then Hizuki shows Togo a view of the team’s new command ship. Below are some screen shots from episode 7.




     Well episode 7 is finished and I honestly don’t know what was the point of the whole thing was, this was a filler episode no ifs ands or buts. The only new things this episode added to the plot was that finally Hizuki shows Togo that the worms are back, we also see that Togo and the new fighter pilot knew each other from a long time ago, and that Eika’s father is a general in the military. We also got to watch the girls all show some insecurities, Eika wanting her father to show up, Otoha getting mad because Capt Hisaki called her a brat, and Karen pining for her brother (get over it Karen your on a military base there are plenty of guys who will at least show up to see you). No Fan service, no fighting, and no plot progression, so there really was no point to this episode. Oh, and it gets worse the next episode preview shows the girls going on a onsen (hot spring) trip. What the hell is this when every anime featuring teen-aged school girls has to have a beach or onsen related episode, Useless (unless that episode is loaded with fan service).