Episode 9 starts off with Julia asking Judy to meet and escort her uncle (Jervis Pendleton) around the school campus. At first Judy says she doesnt want to do it but Julia says that since she and Sallie have classes all day Judy the only one with free time, so Judy reluctantly agrees. Before leaving to meet him Judy asks Julia what kind of person he’s is, and Julia says he’s a bit strange and doesn’t show up to social events, and this description puts a funny image in Judy’s mind. With Julia’s less than flattering description of her uncle, and his being late to the school leaves Judy with a initial poor impression having not meet him yet. Julia’s uncle shows up really late and takes Judy by surprise, she says some not so kind things before she figures out who he is. Her initial impression is that he a typical rich guy. As Judy escorts him around the campus she gets a better feel for his true personality and changes her mind about him. Judy and Jervis get into a bunch of trouble for climbing on the roof of the dorm and Jervis uses flattery on Miss Sloan to smooth things over. Later Jervis takes Judy to lunch and treats her like a lady, this is a first for Judy. Judy ends up having a very good time with Jervis, and she comes to realize that all rich people aren’t that bad. Well that’s all, below are some screen shots.




     Well episode 9 is finished and it was a very enjoyable 25 minutes of anime. First of all Judy learned several things, one of them is you can’t judge a book by it’s cover. Judy assumed that Julia’s description of Jervis was true, and that all rich people are the same, then see discovered that Jervis might seem strange to Julia but he’s pretty close to normal. Then when Jervis took Judy to lunch he treated her like a lady I think that this was the very first time that Judy ever had someone treat her like a lady. He pulled out her seat for her, used a little flattery on her, and even flirted with her a little. So this lead Judy to change her mind about him. And you are about to see something very seldom seen in anime, time and age progression at a normal scale. During these first nine episodes Judy’s entire first year of school is almost finished, That’s about one month per episode. Also during this series you will see the main characters go from girls to full grown young women not just in maturity level but also in appearance. In most anime school dramas the characters may progress from year one to year three but they never really change their appearances like in Sailor Moon, Lucky Star, Azumanga Daioh, High School Girls, and many other school dramas. True physical and emotional progression is very rare, and many anime that last for hundreds of episodes never have the characters really change, think of the American TV cartoon “the Simpson’s“.