Moetan 4  starts out by showing some back stage stuff at a idol television filming session, and the idol is a loli looking girl named Alice. Then Ark-kun makes fun of Ink because of her small breast size, and we get to see Sumi get tormented by her maid again. Later that day Ink and Sumi both show up at a Alice-chan live filming but she takes some time off and the shooting get cancelled. Then Ink and Sumi get called to perform some magic girl duties they have get called to a kindergarten to beat up a pervert . The pervert turns out not to be the real magical opponent but instead a giant magical octopus shows up. Sumi-chan gets really nervous thinking about what those eight tentacles will do.

     During the fight, Dandy shows up to save Ink just like Tuxedo Kamen from Sailor Moon. In the end the pervert turns out to be a friend of Ark-kun, and his uses the last of his power to destroy the monster along with himself. Later we find out that Alice-chan is actually another magic girl whom is the one who summoned the giant octopus to attack the girls, and that she’s after Ark-kun because of his crimes in the magical kingdom. Well that all, below are some screen shots.




     Well Moetan 4  was a very funny episode containing a whole lot of parodies, I especially liked the Dandy/Tuxedo Kamen parody. Another very funny item in this episode occurred when Ink and Ark-kun were watching Alice-chan on TV and Ink made the comment that this seems like something from the 1980’s, if your an old school anime fan you will remember that idol singing magic girl anime shows were very popular in the 1980’s one such anime was Magical Angel Creamy Mami.  There were also pretty good spoofs of hentai anime featuring naughty tentacles such as La Blue Girl,  and the Legend of the Overfiend.  Overall this episode for was very entertaining and nicely paced. The level of fan service was greatly increased over the last episode mostly at poor Sumi-chan’s expense. With the addition of a third loli looking magic girl it almost makes a casual anime viewer think that all seventeen year old Japanese schoolgirls look like eleven year old western girls. Well all I can say that if you are looking for a magic girl show with a sense of humor, and a good mix of naughtiness thrown in for good measure then Moetan  is for you.