Lucky Star 22  starts off with little skits about gas prices, otaku buying habits, and baseball, then a lot of smaller gags follow. Then there is a pretty funny gag involving Yu-chan and Konata that has do do with opening jars and bags of chips. Then Konata asks her dad if she or Yu-chan were approached by a guy from the same grade would that make him a lolicon, and her dad replies, no that would probably OK, but because of Konata’s appearance it might be suspect. Then Konata asks her dad what about him? He fell in love with someone like her mother (Kanata), and she did look very young. Then Konata tells her dad that she can see why he fell in love with her mother, but why did she marry him? This question leads to Konata’s dad explaining his relationship with Kanata to Konata, all the while Kanata’s ghost watches. Well That’s all, below are some screen shots.






Below are some screen shots of the Kanata part of the anime.







     I found this episode of Lucky Star  to be very fulfilling and touching. It seems that the whole issue of why Konata’s mother (Kanata) would have married her dad has been bothering her for some time, It was even said jokingly that she might have been forced. But seeing the flashbacks of their relationships really fleshed out the the whole story nicely. He truly did love her, and Kanata truly loved him, flaws and all. As the end of Lucky Star  approaches it definitely has taken on a more melancholy, and somber mood. Last episode Kagami thought she had a chance at romance, and this episode dealt with Konata’s mother and father’s love for each other. For all the deadpan humor and in-jokes this series, in the end, has been a sweet and loving  look at all main characters and their relationships with each other.