Well here we are, only one episode of Lucky Star  remains, so here’s the review of episode 23. Well the episode starts off slowly with little skits about other peoples’ computers, Spam mail, and downloading files. Then Yui stops over to visit Yu-chan and Konata, both of them being sick. Then Yu-chan’s friends come over to visit her, and Konata makes comments about moe to Tamura. Also the subject of Manami small breast insecurities turn up, leading to some pretty vivid yuri thoughts by Tamura. The ongoing Miyuki dentist saga continues at full force, poor Miyuki her dental work is never done. Then Konata, her dad, and Yu-chan, watch a dog show, with Yu-chan making comments on how cute the dogs are, and Konata and her dad making otaku remarks about the handlers. Then the rest of the episode is about the relationship’s between the two groups of girls, Yu-chan and her friends, the main group of girls, and Kagami and her classmates. A lot of discussion of moe takes place within all the groups of girls. Then at the end of the episode Akira and Shiraishi must deal with the aftermath of the destruction of the Lucky Channel  television set. Well that’s all, below are some screenshots from the episode.








     With only one last shot of Luck Star  remaining it’s almost like the feeling I get when I find out that I only have one smoke left in my pack and it’s too late to stop at the store. This episode of Lucky Star surprised me in many ways, first I thought that it would have continued on with the more emotional and melancholy feel of the previous episodes. But, instead the show returned to the feel of the early episodes. The topics of this episode were many and varied, manga, anime, dentists, computers, and of course moe. The concept of moe permeated this entire episode completely. The only clue to this being the last episode was is the viewing of the real and symbolic destruction of the Lucky Channel  television set by Akira and Shiraishi. I haven’t got a clue on how they’ll end the series. I would like the series to end with the girls walking off into the sunset with the same endearing good natured qualities that made this show so enjoyable. No sad ending please, after all there has to be life after high school in anime.