Well, this is the last Lucky Star  episode. The final episode starts off with the two groups of girls (Konata & friends, Yu-chan & friends) looking over the school’s bulletin board. The flier on the board makes the announcement for the school’s upcoming cultural festival. Patty decides that she wants to do a cheer-leading act for the cultural festivals’ opening ceremony, she manages to talk Yu-chan and her friends into helping but she’s a few girls short. So Patty uses a special event ticket to bribe Konata in to helping, and Konata talks her friends into helping too. 



     So as the cultural festival draws nearer Kagami asks Konata about the practice schedule, and Konata says that Patty hasn’t told her anything yet. Then Kagami jumps all over Patty telling her to get her shit together. While preparing for the festival the girls and their parents reflect on what they did for their cultural festivals, and the girls find out that most of the stuff their parents did is the same kind of stuff they still do today. The next day the girls continue to get ready for the festival, Akira shows up for a rehearsal of her appearance at the school’s festival, and Shiraishi and her get into it again. The girls continue to practice until the day before the festival.



     Then the show ends with the girls up on the school stage right as the curtain rises, the girls are very nervous about their performance, and then the episode finishes on a light hearted moment right as the curtain rises. Below are some screen shots from the final episode.




     Well Lucky Star  ended the same way the it started, the series began as a light hearted comedic romp filled with small skits sent out with love to anime otaku everywhere, and that’s the way the show ended. The last episode showcased all quaky character traits of the girls that made them so endearing to hardcore anime fans, including me. No graduation ceremony, no tearful goodbyes, no walking off into the sunset, the show ended on a laugh with a wink and a nod to the fans. I think that the two screen shots below sums up entire vibe of the Lucky Star  series in a nutshell.