Daddy Long Legs begins with Judy receiving a letter of thanks, and a package of candy from Jarvis for the courtesy she shown him during his visit to the school. When Julia finds out about the candy she is not very pleased telling Judy that she hopes nothing bad is happening to her. We find out from Julia that Jarvis is 27 and still messing around according to her. Julia’s attitude towards Jarvis causes conflict between her and Judy. Judy writes to daddy telling him about Jarvis and how she felt like a normal girl for the first time in her life. Later Judy finds out that the girl dormitory will be closing for three months over summer break, and this upsets Judy greatly since she has no home to return to. The next day Judy receives a letter from the orphanage stating that she can return for the summer if she needs someplace to stay, needless to say this almost destroys Judy. As the school is closing for the summer Judy prepares to return to the orphanage, then at the last minute she is granted a reprieve and Mr Griggs makes arrangements for Judy to spend the summer at a farm. Well that’s all for episode 10, below are some screen shots from the show.

     This episode concludes Judy’s first year of high school, while Judy is doing well in her studies she is still dealing with issues about her past. Judy still has not told anyone about her upbringing at the orphanage, this secret constantly hovers like a dark shadow over her. But the endearing thing about this series is how the simple things in life give great pleasure to Judy. Because of the bleak environment at the orphanage she grew up in, small thinks like a good meal, nice candy, a good book, a clean bedroom, and common kindness bring her joy. Also I enjoy her interaction with her roommates; Julia a blue-blood rich girl has all the airs that go along with her status, and Sallie a upper middle-class girl with Midwestern sensibilities, set up a situation for great value clashes. One thing I look forward to is watching all three of the girls growing up, but the main issue will be if Judy will ever come to terms with who she really is.