At the beginning of this episode the girls get an invitation to visit an onsen (hot spring) located in the village where they performed the rescue mission. They ask Togo for leave, and he grants the leave stating it would be a good idea if everyone went along. So everyone loads up into a van and they drive to the onsen. Upon arriving at the spring the crew finds out that it’s in pretty bad shape after the storm, and everyone pitches in to help make the whole thing work. While Togo is fishing at the river the girls find out their unit has been transferred to the special forces group, and they will be fighting the remaining worms. Otoha reacts very poorly to the news, and calls Togo a liar. Eika tells Otoha that following orders is part of being in the military. Later Togo tries to apologize to Eika, and Eika tells him not to, and that she’s already decided to lay her life down if necessary. After a while Otoha calms down and decides that protecting people can be a worthwhile goal too. Then every one goes to the onsen, and in a moment of excitement Otoha knocks over the divider separating the male and female sides, and mayhem ensues. Well that’s all for this episode, below are some screen shots.  

learning-the-truth.jpg making-the-food.jpguncomfortable-karen.jpg                             





Every anime featuring hot young girls has to include the mandatory onsen (hot spring) visit. But in this episode of Sky Girls the visit served no propose whatsoever, if your going to give me a hot spring storyline I need some fan service. Overall I considered this whole twenty-five minutes of anime nothing but filler and a waste of time. One of the funniest plot threads in this episode was the little girl screwing up the Sky Girls team name, calling then spy girls, small girls and so forth. I for the life of me can’t figure out where this story is going, after the OAV and the first two or three episodes I thought this was going to be a fan service ladened light hearted mecha. Now the show can’t seem to decide on the direction or overall feel the series needs.