Moetan 5  starts off with Ink walking home from school with her friends, while walking home they talk about current TV shows, and Ink spots a red balloon floating in the sky. Later at home Ink and her mother talk about Ink’s younger days, and this dicussion brings back little memories from the Ink’s past. Ink goes off on a rescue mission to save a boy from drowning, and Sumi-chan shows up and ending up in the water too. Ink ends up saving both the Boy and Sumi-chan from the river. After the rescue Alice-chan shows up and attacks Ink and Ak-kun, the end result is that Ink and Ak are drawn into a time gate and thrown into the past. While in the past Ink sees the red balloon again, and then runs into Sumi-chan as a child. Then we meet Ruriko-san (Sumi’s maid), at this time she’s only seventeen years old and still in high school. Ink goes to have a look around the city and ends up at her house running into her mother in the process, to Ink she looks younger but to Ak-kun she looks the same. In the evening Ink runs into Sumi-chan again and proceeds to try and teach her English which backfires, Sumi seems to hate English. Ink then meets Nao-kun in the park and shows him how to play video games. When Ink and Ak-kun finally get to their proper time Ak-kun tells Ink that her actions in the past caused Sumi’s dislike of English, and Nao’s addiction to video games. Well that’s all for episode 5, Below are some screen shots. 





     Well this was a very nice episode it was really fun getting to see Sumi, Ruriko, and Nao as children. I may be getting this wrong, but I loved how they integrated elements of French classic film The Red Balloon (1956) in to the episode’s script. For those who have never the film it involves a little boy and a red balloon, a little girl and a blue balloon, and a group of bullies. The themes of the film are about the magical nature of childhood friendships and compassion. Overall this episode of Moetan  explains the origins of Ink-chan and Nao-kun’s long running friendship. Very nicely done.