As it was announced several weeks earlier that Geneon USA is ceasing production and distribution of anime DVDs and Cd’s in the USA. Any title scheduled for release before November 6 will still be released, and anything scheduled after November 6 is cancelled. It was also announced that Geneon USA has already ceased all production of their back catalog of DVDs and Cd’s. So if you need to fill in any of your gaps in your favorite Geneon series get to the store and get those disks soon. I’m sure that other companies will pick up some of their popular titles like Trigun, Lain, Fate/Stay, and Fushigi Yugi. But many of the lesser known titles like Koi Kaze, Kamichu, and Human Crossing will probably not be picked up. I went shopping at FYE today and picked up some new and used Geneon DVDs and did not pay more than 14.99 per disk. So If your want a shot at some Geneon titles before they disappear get moving. What I will miss about Geneon is that their were willing to bring to the USA several titles that no one else would attempt. I for one will miss them.