This episode starts off with the girls practicing combat simulations against the worms, and most of the simulations involve close range combat. Togo is not really happy with the idea of all that close quarters combat. The girls must deal with idea of the upcoming battle in their own ways. The next day a worm is spotted heading towards a energy plant near the Japanese coast, and the Sky Girls’  team is given the order to destroy the worm. The girls are very nervous heading into their first real combat mission, and Togo tries to calm and reassure the girls. As the combat starts Eika and Otoha both are a little nervous but fight as planned, but Karen gets nervous and freezes up causing her sonic diver unit to be struck injuring her. Karen’s injuries to her confidence are much more serious than her physical injuries, Otoha asks Eika if Karen will  still be on the team and Eika tells Otoha that it’s up to Karen to decide. A few days later the worm reappears and the girls are ordered back into action, and this time Karen doesn’t lose her cool. The combat goes according to the way it was practiced in the simulator and the worm is destroyed restoring Karen’s confidence. Well that’s all for episode 9, below are some screen shots.





     Well episode nine continues with some of the themes from episode eight, If you remember in episode eight, Otoha had to come to terms with the issue of really being a military combat pilot. Eika has already resolved any doubts about combat, in episode eight she told Togo that she was ready to die if necessary. So poor insecure Karen was the only one still needing to come to terms with the issues of the worms and combat. Overall I found this episode to be quite enjoyable and interesting. Oh, I have one gripe, whats the deal with that worm, it looked like an over grown lame ass turtle, couldn’t the designers have come up with a more impressive monster?