This episode begins with Judy taking the train from the city to the country. Once she arrives at the train station Judy asks for directions to the Lock Willow Farm, instead of getting directions the station manager finds her a ride to the farm. At the farm Judy meets the couple that runs the farm, George is a gruff sounding salt of the Earth type, and his wife Elsa is a large friendly woman who can be as fiery as her husband. Judy finds out that the couple doesn’t like spoiled rich kids, so Judy resolves herself to work hard and fit it at the farm. Judy works hard at proving herself doing tasks like clearing fields, collecting eggs, milking cows, and so on. Soon Judy’s good nature and willingness to work hard wins over everyone at the Lock Willow Farm. At the end of the episode Judy discovers the fact that Julia’s uncle Jarvis stayed at the farm when he was little. Well that’s all for this episode, below are some screen shots.





     Well in this episode we get to see Judy spending time in the country for summer vacation, and she learns how to do things around the farm like clearing fields and other hard tasks. But Judy learns not to judge people on first appearances, and not to doubt people’s kindnesses when given. Overall a nice, enjoyable, slow paced episode.