Sky Girls episode 10 starts off with Otoha discovering that Ryohei owns a motorcycle, she asks him to take her for a ride, but he says that she’d be a waste of fuel, and that really pisses her off. The girls run through a training mission and Otoha thinks there is a problem with her sonic diver unit because it’s reactions are too fast. She confronts Ryohei, asking him if theirs a problem with her units maintenance, he says no way,  and she doesn’t believe him. Ryohei keeps checking her unit but can’t find anything wrong with it.


      Later that night while Nanae is locking up the building she thinks she saw a ghost near Otoha’s sonic diver unit and runs away. She then runs into Eika and tells the other girls about the ghost, and they decide to go check it out for themselves. later Oto-san tells the girls that before the base was built a hospital was located on the site and the base’s hanger sits on the spot where the morgue used to be and sometimes a boy’s ghost can be seen at night. The girls go on a ghost catching mission and end up catching Ryohei stealing gas, or that’s what Oto-san leads the girls to believe. In reality the ghost was Ryohei, not stealing gas but working late by himself, so Oto-san helps him fix the problem with the sonic diver unit. But in the end there really is a little boy’s ghost wandering around, and Eika spots him in the hanger while doing a security check with Togo. That’s all for episode 10, below are some screen shots.



     Well episode 10 was really fun to watch, Ryohei and Otoha are back to bickering like the lock-horn’s, and every one knows they should be a couple even though they don’t realize it. The main point to this episode was to establish Ryohei’s dedication to his duty as the mechanic for Otoha’s sonic diver unit. The story also shows that Ryohei cares for Otoha in a manner that’s more than a average pilot/mechanic relationship. But Ryohei also learns from Oto-san that he should ask for help when he can’t figure out a problem instead of wasting many hours of night work. Now on to the ghost issue, maybe the ghost is really the ghost from the hospital’s morgue, or the ghost could really be the reason for Otoha’s extremely high synchronization rate with her sonic diver unit. This episode could almost qualify as a filler episode, but the Ryohei maintenance storyline saves the episode from filler territory.