This episode begins with the girls conducting training missions, their skill level is getting better and better, and Eika even praised Otoha for her performance. The girls are then called in to Togo’s office and given information on their new ship, a destroyer named Kouryu and it will be arriving in one week. After the meeting the girls are dismissed and the command team discusses a possible new addition to the sonic diver team, a girl named Elise Von Dietrich. The next day during a training mission Elise and her sonic diver unit interrupts the exercise with out permission (?). Eika does not like this provocation, and she has flashbacks to her first encounter with a sonic diver unit, then she orders the team into action and they intercept the unknown sonic diver.



      Later that night Togo and the maintenance crew unload the new sonic diver unit, and the crew discusses how the new European mass production unit differs from the other units, one of the crew states that the girl’s units were one unit per maker (?). At dinner the three girls talk about the new pilot, a 15 years old German girl who speaks six different languages (note to Sky Girls series writers: can you get any more unoriginal than that, wait whats that I see, another clone of Asuka from NGE?). Elise shows up while the girls are eating and proceeds to pull Eika strings, and she basically calls out Eika, so they head to the simulator. The rest of the crew attempts to stop them from fighting but it doesn’t work, but Capt Togo says that since there was bound to be a confrontation better to have sooner than later. After a short battle in the simulator Eika quickly defeats Elise, then outside the simulator Elise makes excuses and storms off in huff. Well that’s all for episode 11, below are some screen shots.



     OK, now for the review, I’ve liked the direction of this series so far, but I really don’t understand why the producers felt like they had to add a fourth girl to the mix. I felt that the chemistry of the show was pretty good up until now, if they were going to add another girl they should have kept her with in the same age range as the other girls. Hell if they need another girl pilot I’ve got a eleven year old niece, she can’t lift 50 pounds, or throw a soccer ball more than 40 feet, but she just might be able to pilot a one billion dollar piece of military hardware. So whats the deal with capt Togo’s second in command sneaking around doing things behind his back, when I was in the military a lower ranking solider doing that would either be transferred or had his ass kicked by now. Overall if feel that the shows producers are just struggling to drag the material out or they really don’t know what direction to take the series, so in my humble opinion lets get to some ass kicking combat.