This episode starts off with the girls conducting their last training mission at the base before transferring to the command ship. Elise is still having a hard time accepting Eika’s leadership but she has to because she lost her one on one fight. Otoha notices that Karen is feeling a little down, and she finds out that Karen is sad because she missed seeing her brother at the air show. So, Otoha convinces Karen to invite her brother to the base for a visit before they depart. Karen’s brother agrees to come to the base at 2 PM, but right before that a rescue mission comes up and Karen and Elise get ordered to help, the other sonic diver units are already packed for the move. In short order Karen finds the damaged fishing boat and at that point Elise tells Karen to go back and meet her brother, but Karen refuses saying she can’t leave a mission. Karen ends up missing the meeting with her brother again, but he left her a note telling her how proud he is of her. Then the whole team ships out to meet up with their new mobile base, and the team gets introduced to the ship’s captain and vice commander. At the end of the episode we find out that the ship and the sonic diver units will be used as bait to attract the worms, and this is occurring without the knowledge of Togo or the girls. Well that’s all for this episode, below are some screen shots.




     Well this episode dealt mostly with issues of character development. The largest portion of this show dealt with Karen’s relationship with her older brother, he’s always foremost in Karen’s mind but she hardly ever gets to see him and she always seeks his approval.  Also the girls must come to terms with the passing of one part of their lives (their time at the base) and moving forward towards full military life aboard the ship. One thing I have to admit is that I might have been wrong about Elise, in my previous post I called her a Asuka cone. But after watching this episode I have come to the realization that in some aspects she like Asuka but in other respects she’s very different. First on the outside she’s like Asuka, but on the inside she’s a much more sensitive and vulnerable. I also think that it’s really cute that while the other girls wear real skirts Elise wears Culottes, she’s so young she still wears kiddy clothes.