Episode 2 picks up with the meeting between Nagisa and Tomoya in front of her house, initially Tomoya thought he saw Nagisa wrapped in light and magical in nature, but she tells him she’s just practicing line from a play. Then the story switches it’s focus to a dream world of dull muted colors where the narrator tells us that this is a place where nothing is born and nothing dies. This world’s only inhabitant is a girl who lives alone except for a doll she is constructing out of junk. At one point the narrator states that the girl has made the doll for him and all he has to do is wish to be born into that world, and she reaches out to him.


     Back at school Tomoya’s friend Youhei challenges Tomoyo to another fight and proceeds to get his ass quickly kicked again. On his way back to class Tomoya meets a strange girl in the school’s library, Tomoya ends up eating lunch with her, and he later learns that she is a genius named Kotomi. After school Tomoya runs into Nagisa and they go over ideas for getting members to join the reformed theater club.


     On his way out of the school Tomoya runs into another strange girl, she’s in a classroom carving a (starfish)? out of wood, and Tomoya notices that she’s hurting herself because she’s using a damaged blade. So, Tomoya takes the blade away and tells her to use a sharp one so she won’t injure herself. At home Tomoya is working on a set of dangos for Nagisa and he has a confrontation with his father and he leaves the house. He ends up with Nagisa, they talk, he admits to liking basketball, she invites him to play basketball after school the next day. The next day it’s raining hard, and Tomoya finds Nagisa waiting in the rain for him. She tries to get him to shoot the ball, but he ends up dropping it, and ends up admitting that he can’t play anymore because his dad injured his shoulder in a fight back in middle school. After seeing Tomoya’s sadness and thinking she’s the cause of it, she collapses in the rain. Well that’s all for episode two, below are some screen shots. 


     Well Clannad continues to set up the basics of plot and character development. So these first two episodes seems to have introduced us to most of the major and supporting characters necessary for the first major story arch. What we have so far in character types and possible story-lines are, a former tough girl trying to stay out of trouble, twin sisters one mild and one a little rough with a possible crush on the main male character, a genius girl with little social skills, a imouto type girl lost into the world of her carving hobby, and Tomoya and Nagisa both with a kind and gentle nature, slightly wounded and damaged, but they are very comfortable and relaxed around each other, both drawing something from the other and giving back in equal measure. No matter what else happens in this story they are meant for each other, it might be a long hard road but it will probably be a road worth traveling.

     Now to the dream part of the storyline, in previous Key  projects dreams have always been the realm of sadness and past tragedies. In AIR  the dreams of the past hide a curse, a wrong that haunted the main characters for over a thousand years, and in Kanon  the dreams of the past also hide a tragedy from the past. So in Clannad  the dream portion of the story foreshadows some sadness that must be dealt with before everyone can move on.  The reason I have always really loved the Key  projects is their ability to spin and weave a heartfelt story around characters that are at heart kind, gentle, and loving.