This anime starts off with a voice over telling everyone not expect anything more than a straight forward account of the everyday lives of the Minami sisters. So the basic setup for this series is that for some reason you have three sister living alone with the eldest sister Haruka (age around 17) acts like a mother towards the other sisters. Then you have the middle sister Kana (age, around 14-15), she’s energetic, spontaneous, messy, slightly irresponsible, and can be a little course. Lastly you have the youngest sister Chiaki (age, around 11-12) she helpful, logical, cynical, and more responsible than Kana.



     So this episode covers basic things in the lives of the sisters; greeting each other in the morning, the two younger sisters making dinner while Haruka is out, and watching television together in the evening. Then the focus shifts in a comedic way to how Kana in trying to explain kissing to Chiaki causes a big commotion in the household. Then the story switches to Kana at her middle school, and we meet her best friend Keiko. We also notice a guy who keeps looking at Kana in a loving manner, he obviously has a crush on her, the next day he leaves a lover letter in shoe box, and she rushes home to show her sisters. After Chiaki reads the letter to everyone, Kana is elated, but Chiaki  then twists the meaning of the letter telling Kana that’s it’s probably a challenge to a fight, and not really a love letter. The next day a school Kana meets Fujioka and kicks him in leg telling him not to toy with her. Well that’s all for episode one, below are some screen shots. 





     Well the opening song for this anime is titled Keikenchi Joshochu, it is sung by the three voice actresses that portray the Minami sister, and it conveys the loving chaotic nature of the sister’s relationship. What I liked about this episode is than it covered realistically some of the problems that could occur in this type of family relationship, at one point the girls are watching a TV drama about a student/teacher romantic relationship, and Haruka is slightly embarrassed when asked a question about it by Chiaki, she quickly changes the subject and the channel. It was very funny how Kana just made matters worse when she tried to explain the whole kissing issue to Chiaki, she has no more experience in the matter that Chiaki does. This being a slice of life anime most of time is spent on the relationships and chemestry between the sisters. What I found to be a little weird was the chemistry between Kana and Chiaki, even though Kana is a couple of years older than Chiaki, Chiaki clearly pulls all of Kana’s strings and easily manipulates her. This anime will not be to every-one’s tastes, if your not a fan of the slow paced slice of life genre you might get as much enjoyment out of this anime as watching paint dry. But if you like slower paced story driven anime than you’ll want to watch this one. Overall Minami-ke is a slow paced story driven anime that has just enough over the top action when needed, and for the most part all of the main characters are likable and normal (normal for anime). My only minor gripe is that Kana is a little too stupid and easily manipulated by Chiaki, and Chiaki is a little too mature in her abilities to twist Kana around her finger. Well, I keep watching this series.