Well earlier  I  wrote a 900 word post but do to some evil magic it vanished faster than sunlight on a rainy day, so here’s a short re-post.

     Emily of New Moon is a anime based on a book series of the same name, written by the same author of the Anne of Green Gables book series. The author had stated that many of the experiences that Emily has to go through are based on her real life experiences. The Emily book series was published in the 1920’s.


     Episode one starts off with Emily and her father living together, Emily is 11 years old and her father is very ill. Emily is a very good young writer with a great imagination and she and her father love each other very much. Emily’s mother died when she was very young and she and her father are estranged from her mother’s side of the family. Emily’s father dies a few days later leaving Emily without a family, the Murray family (her mother side of the family) shows up for the funeral, and they try to decide what to do with Emily. The Murray family is very cold and cruel to Emily with the exception of Jimmy and Laura. The head of the Murray family aunt Elizabeth decides that Emily will come live with her, Jimmy, and Laura at the New Moon Farm. This surprises Emily because she thought that Elizabeth was a ice queen, even though Elizabeth is cold to Emily she sees something in Emily and decides to do the right thing. Well that’s all for episode one, below are some screen shots. 





     As I get older I find that I’m liking the melodramatic shojo style of anime more and more, hell I must be getting soft. Well, Emily of New Moon is a classic shojo melodrama. Emily is a wounded but tough heroine in the mode of Candy from the Candy Candy anime, she’s sad inside but will show only strength, and she’ll attempt to win everyone over with her kind and caring side. The background animation for this show is awesome and beautiful, and the characters are drawn in a realistic and pleasant manner. The color palette for this show varies from crisp and vivid outdoors to soft and muted on interior shots. So far I love this show and I’ll keep watching.