Episode two begins with Haruka eating lunch at school with two of her friends, one of her friends says she’s going to quit school, and then she tells them to stop her? When she is forced to tell the other girls why she wants to quit, she says it’s because of the uniform, she feels its forced national sexual harassment, and your panties are on display for every-one’s view. Later that evening while the sisters are having dinner the subject of guys comes up again and the two older sisters worry about Chiaki getting the wrong ideas about guys. Haruka and Kana’s uncomfortable explanations of guys , and guy/girl relations causes Chiaki to make strange statements, and ask weird questions at school confusing her friends. The next day at school Chiaki is called upon by her classmates to assign nicknames to the other students ( Cultural Note: I have been told that it is a pretty common practice in Japanese schools for most students in a home room class to have nicknames that they use amongst themselves, and these names can vary from super simple to very complex) her choice in names go from plain to plainly rude, and when asked to name herself she chooses hime (princess), she has a pretty high vision of herself. Later that night Kana and Chiaki argue about studying, and then they put Haruka on the spot about guys/girls and the “funny things” they do. Well that’s all for episode two, below are some screen shots.



      After watching the second episode Minami-ke I really don’t know where this series is going. First to my impressions of the sisters; Haruka, she is serious and responsible maybe a little too much so; Kana, I get the whole energetic but stupid persona, but can someone be really that clueless; and finally Chiaki, I think that their trying to make her a tsukkomi type character with Kana being the bloke, but to me it doesn’t work. Overall, this episode centered around skits of Haruka and Chaiki at their schools, with Haruka dodging Kana’s and Chiaki’s questions about girl/guy “funny things”, I really feel for her in that situation, she spends all her time at school or taking care of the other sisters, hell she’s doesn’t have anytime to think about “funny things” let alone actually doing some of them. I would like Kana to be a little less stupid, as far as I’m concerned it’s taking things a little overboard. Now to my biggest gripe, Chiaki, if their trying to make her a tsukkomi I don’t think it’s working, I feel she too young to pull that off properly. In Lucky Star Kagami was originally portrayed as a tsukkomi with Konata being the bloke, but she quickly switched to becoming a Tsundere character. I can take a little smart ass-ed nature in a fifth grader, but if I was Kana I’d give her a smack up side the head. As the series stands now I don’t know how many more episodes I’ll watch before I get too annoyed to watch.