This episode picks up with Mari waking up the next morning after following Hagino to the docks and seeing her with the strange under water ship/sub/craft? Mari can’t seem to tell if it was real or a dream, and she starts having dreams/visions from her missing past. Mari attends class for the first time and gets seated next Hagino, and all she is sure of is that she dislikes Hagino. Later during lunch Mari tells her friend Michi about how she was the sole survivor of the destruction of her island home, and how she lost all of her prior memories due to shock. Then Hagino pulls strings and gets moved to Mari’s room, and the dorm mother says that might be a good idea because Hagino seems too perfect. That evening while Mari is in bed, she sees Hagino talking with a floating apparition floating in the air. After seeing Hagino talking to the ghost/spirit gets out of bed and starts freaking in their room. Hagino touches Mari in a attempt to try and calm her down, and this causes a physical energy reaction between the two. The force of the energy reaction causes Hagino to collapse in a heap on the room’s floor. Well that’s all, below are some screen shots.




     This episode of Blue Drop is mostly about the weird chemistry developing between Mari and Hagino, Mari has a hate/fascination/attraction vibe when she’s around Hagino, and it seems that Hagino is being drawn towards Mari like a moth to a flame. Most of the other girls at the school almost worship the ground that Hagino walks on due to her perfect/aloof/cool nature, but the dorm mother thinks that she’s too perfect and goes along with Hagino’s request to room with Mari, because she says that “that’s the first time she’s cared about anything”. In this episode we also learn that Hagino is a commander of a alien ship/sub that is linked to the destruction of Mari’s island home.

     This episode has many yuri overtones developing between Hagino and Mari, it is obvious that Hagino is attracted to Mari, its almost like she can’t help herself, and Mari has a hate/fascination feeling when it comes to Hagino, we all known how thin the line can be between hate and desire. The Blue Drop anime is based on some one shot yuri/scifi manga anthologies created by Akihito Yoshitomi the creator of Eat-Man, if you would like to read some of the manga click on this link, Well I really like this series so far, science fiction and yuri (maybe) can it get any better.