This episode begins in the dream world of the narrator (mechanical doll),  he tells us that he was born into that world forsaking a chance at life in another world. The only warmth in that world is the girl, and that’s all he desires, the girl and him. After the dream sequence, Tomoya stops at the bread shop to visit Nagisa, she became slightly ill after playing basketball in the rain with him. As Tomoya walks down the street he gets involved in a dispute between two people, and one of them says “being unable to trust anything is the same as being unable to sense other people’s love”, later he finds out that the guy saying those things was a pretty popular DJ at one time. Then at Sunohara’s place he finds out that Sunohara has a plan to unmask Tomoyo as a guy just dressing up as a girl (where did that idea spring from?). Then at school Sunohara tries to trick Tomoyo into admitting she’s a guy, and he gets his ass kicked pretty quickly. During lunch Tomoya sees Nagisa eating alone and looking sad, so he joins her for lunch and they talk emotionally and with kindness to each other. A little while later Tomoya and Nasiga run into Fuko who is there for her knife, after Tomoya returns the knife to her she gives him a carved starfish. At the end of the episode Tomoya and Nagisa find out that all the club posters they put up were taken down because they failed to get the student councils permission to start the club. Well that’s all for episode three, below are some screen shots.




     Clannad  keeps up it’s slow and pleasing pace, characters from previous episodes show up and their stories are slowly built, and some new wrinkles are added to the story. But the main thread in this story is the relationship between Tomoya and Nagisa, I like the ease they show when talking with each other. They are two gentle wounded souls, when together they not only encourage each other but calm each other, I feel that in their case one plus one equals more than two. I really don’t mind the whole “sad girls” story-lines that Key  always uses, but why do they always have to be so damn cute?