This episode begins with the girls new home, the ship named Kouryu leaving port and heading out to sea. The ship’s crew is alive with action, breaking in a new ship requires a lot of organization and hard work. later Eika gets mad at Elize because she’s turned the girls sleeping quarters into a romper room like mess of stuffed animals, the other girls say that their fine with it, but only Eika truly understands that they are in the military now. Just as Eika is about to explain it to them, Vice-Captain Shima and Captain Kadowaki are walking past the room and they tell them to get serious, Elize makes a snide comment and Vice-Captain Shima tells her if she’s got a problem she can get off the ship. Everything aboard the ship is coming along nicely until Otoha notices that Ryohei doesn’t look very well, and he tries to blow it off not wanting to show weakness in front of Otoha, but he ends up passing out in the hanger. Because of his condition he gets removed as Otaha’s mechanic, and Otoha overhears this and confronts Ryohei, basically saying that she’s upset at him. The doctor says that she can tell that his heart is hurting more from disappointing Otoha than his head is hurting from the seasickness. A little while later a worm appears and heads straight for the ship, the Captain orders the ship’s main cannon to fire on the worm, but this doesn’t stop the worm, so the Captain orders the sonic diver unit to deploy. Eika and Karen deploy their units without a hitch, but Otoha’s unit fails to launch and the rest of the maintenance crew can’t figure out the reason why. After the battles is joined and the worm is getting closer to the ship, Ryohei shows up and gets Otoha’s unit fixed in a couple of seconds. When Otoha joins the fight the worm is dispatched in hardly no time. Well that’s all for episode thirteen, below are some screen shots.





     Well thirteen episodes down, and thirteen episodes of Sky Girls left, and we are at the exact same point where the Sky Girls OAV finished. The only real differences between the OAV and the series is, no fourth sky girl (loli Elize), less fan service, and more character development. I find the show to be quite interesting, the interaction between the three main girls is very good, the fight scenes a very well animated, and the use of color and sound is well done. Now for my gripes, too many filler episodes where nothing really happens, the introduction of the loli pilot Elize, and the back plot involving Togo’s second in command. Overall I would recommend this series if you like light science fiction dramas, if you don’t like them you’ll probably be bored. Unfortunately for anime that have small niche audience’s like Sky Girls, Rocket Girls, Hitohira, and Minami-ke the demise of Geneon USA means that their chances of being picked up for US distribution is greatly reduced.