This episode starts off with Elise looking at a picture of her friends from the European base, she has a flashback of her forced evacuation, and relives the destruction of her former base. The next morning Togo tells the girls that the must work together as a four member team, and they begin simulation training. A while later Eika is furious because five straight simulations were failures due to Elise’s failure to be a team member, she keeps acting independently causing failure. As the girls are eating lunch the alarm goes off, an A+ level flying worm is detected approaching the ship, the girls launch from the ship and head off to attack the worm. Elise starts to attack the worm on her own, her sonic diver unit prevents the other girls from attacking, and she gets captured by the worm. Eika is about to attempt a rescue when Vic Viper shows up in his new fighter plane and frees Elisa. The worm retreats for now, and Elise receives treatment for her light wound, the doctor tells her not to throw her life away. Elise says that everyone whom cared for her is dead so whats the difference, and the doctor and Oya convinces her that people really care for her. Eika is ready to have a confrontation with Elise but when she sees her practicing alone she convinces her that working as a team is better than working alone. The worm reappears and the Vice-Captain only wants to send out the three girls but Eika argues that things will be different and at the last minute the Captain agrees and gives the order. During the battle Elise works as a team with the other girls and the worm gets destroyed after a short battle, then back on the ship Eika offers her hand to Elise in congratulations but Elise refuses infuriating Eika. Well that’s all for this episode, below are some screen shots.




     Well here we are at the start of the last half of Sky Girls, in this episode the other girls try to get Elise integrated into their team, but due to personnel issues it fails at first. Finally Elise works as a team member with the other girls defeating a worm in the process. The adults in this episode do their jobs, in many other anime the adults are practically worthless doing nothing but causing problems, but here they use their life experiences to give the girls the a little push when needed, and sympathy or a shoulder to cry on when necessary. This episode give a little more background on Elise and why she’s the way she is, but I still feel that she’s way too young compared to the other girls, its almost like all anime producers must include at least one loli for viewers whom like girls of that type no matter how out of place they really are. I think that Col. Togo or Eika needs to give Elise a good spanking every time she acts like a child and risks other peoples lives, maybe that would teach her how to behave. Overall I continue to enjoy this series for what it is, a light science fiction anime with just a hint of fan service.