This episode begins with Aunt Elizabeth discovering Emily’s cat broke a vase in her house, she asks Emily why she disobeyed her by bringing the cat along, Emily tells her that the cat hide in her luggage but Aunt Elizabeth says she’s lying. Jimmy bails Emily out by saying he brought the cat along to eat the mice in the barn, and Aunt Elizabeth tells him to get it out of her sight and out of the house. At dinner Emily is told that getting the cows to pasture in the morning will be her job, and that the Murrays don’t use maids for washing and cleaning, also she’s told she’ll attend school to get an education. The next day Elizabeth tells Emily to get rid of her braids because its not proper, she refuses to do so (Emily does her hair the way her father said her mother used to wear it), so Emily gets locked in a dark room. She soon escapes out a window, and wants to run to her old house even though she would be alone. Jimmy distracts her by showing her how butter is made, then Jimmy shows Emily his garden and she is impressed by its beauty. Jimmy then shows Emily the family grave yard and explains to her what the pride of the Murray family is, “always see things through no matter how tough”, and how everyone buried there loved the New Moon farm. Then Emily has a confrontation with Aunt Elizabeth, and Emily and Elizabeth basically come to a understanding with one another. The next day at school Emily is confronted by another girl who takes her books and throws them to the ground saying “go home you don’t belong here”. Well that’s all for this episode, below are some screen shots.




     The first thing I have to say about the Emily of New Moon anime is that as far as I’m concerned it’s a absolutely beautiful anime, the images are crisp and clean, the colors are bright and vivid, and backgrounds are drawn with a focus placed on the natural beauty of the surroundings. Unlike other anime, the characters in Emily of New Moon are dawn closer to real life people then the way most anime portray people. Emily is draw as a real eleven year old girl, she’s cute but not overly so, she intelligent and emotional but she’s not a genius or a emotional manipulation machine, and best of all she’s not a typical anime loli girl. The other character in this series seem to me that they could be people that you could meet in real life situations, maybe that’s because this series is based on books that reflect the author’s real life experiences. For all the people who complain that all the anime out there is geared towards older teens or adult this series proves them wrong. In Emily of New Moon I found nothing that could be considered objectionable when compared to normal television programming. In Emily we have a caring young girl struggling to adapt to her new situation, in Jimmy and Laura we have caring and kind older adults that try to help Emily fit in to her new situation, and Aunt Elizabeth comes off as cold and hard but I get the feeling that underneath her cool persona she’s really a caring person but tough, the kind of person that you can hold on to like a rock in the middle of a storm. If you want a anime to sit down and watch with your young children and not have to worry language or sexual content then this is your anime.