This episode starts off with Mari getting almost no sleep after last night’s incident, Hagino continues to play it off as Mari is just dreaming or just confused. Then we get a scene change to a command ship that looks just like the one we’ve seen Hagino with, and it is searching for a missing ship (I assume its Hagino’s ship). Later the ship that Hagino is from  places a phone call to the school making an excuse for Hagino to leave the school for a while. Hagino boards the ship called Blue and they leave the water and head into space (help I’m confused) meeting four other ships to do something. Then before dinner Mari finds out that the students are required on a monthly basis to cook dinner for themselves, she is completely helpless and almost dangerous when it comes to cooking. That night Mari goes to bed wondering what Hagino wants from her, and Hagino’s ship makes it to the rendezvous point. That’s all for episode three, below are some screen shots.



     OK, I felt that this series had the elements to make a fairly good science fiction based yuri anime, but enough is enough, this episode almost put me to sleep. All the plot covered in this episode could have been done in five minutes time, not a whole 25 minutes. In takes more then good character design and great animation quality to make a series worth watching, it also requires a good storyline and the pacing of the story is critical, its got to move fast enough to keep you awake but not so fast as to wear you out. After three episodes of Blue Drop I’m quite bored, I care for neither the aliens or Mari, and I will not continue to cover this series episode by episode, I will post a wrap up entry once the series is over.