This episode starts off with Kana getting back one of her tests which she scored 65 points but she doesn’t think it was that bad until she finds out that her friend Keiko scored 100 points. A while later Kana finds out that Fujioka scored 66 points, she still thinks of him as a rival even though he has a serious crush on her. Kana makes a bet with him on the next test, but not being very smart she changes her score before knowing his, and of course she guesses wrong still losing to him. She keeps changing her grades only to find out the Fujioka keeps edging her out each time, and after he finally wins he offers his hand to her and she kicks him, Fujioka having a total crush on her is actually happy about the contact.


     Then at home Kana finds out the even her younger sister Chiaki out scores her on school examinations, and she even gets talked into trying to make dinner which almost turns out poisonous. At school Fujioka wakes Kana before she’s late to the next class, and he tells her outright that he really likes her a lot, she runs home and asks Chiaki about it and she twists the situation again. Than at school she acts like he’s about to attack all the time, poor guy. Later we see Fujioka at the Minami house, Kana invited him over, then Chiaki and Kana come up with a plan to feed him some of Kana’s terrible food, but Haruka ends up coming home and they eat her food instead. Haruka tells Chiaki that she thinks he’s a nice guy, kind of like their father. Kana and Fujioka end up watching TV together with Chiaki spying on them, she then walks in and sits down in Fujioka’s lap, after a while Haruka brings in drinks and snacks. Later, Kana flips out thinking that Fujioka is just manipulating the situation to aid him in his battle with her. Well that’s all for episode three, below are some screen shots.



     Well, I beginning to have a slight change of opinion on Minami-ke, maybe the shows getting funnier or I’m getting used to the show? I thought episode three was very funny, between Kana’s amusing stupidity and Chiaki’s manipulation of her leads to quite a lot of funny situations. Poor Fujioka, I really feel sorry for him, the old saying goes “love can be blind”, but unfortunately for him love can also be stupid, and he picked one stupid girl to fall in love with. Also whats funny is that Kana always runs to Chiaki for relationship advise, when its clear to me that she knows nothing about boy/girl going ons. Kana not smart enough to talk to her older sister in private about Fujioka, Haruka clearly has the most commonsense when it comes to things like that. I kind of felt sorry for Chiaki, upon seeing her sit in Fujioka’s lap after Haruka tells Chiaki that Fujioka seems to be a little like their father. Now that this series seems to have gotten it’s legs I keep watching.