This episode starts off with Judy up in the farmhouse’s attic where she finds a adventure book, when she looks inside she sees that the book was once owned by Jervis, Julia’s uncle. After talking to her hosts Judy confirms that it is the very same Jervis, and they don’t have high opinions of Julia’s side of the family. George and Elsa talk about their fond memories of Jervis with Judy, and she tells them about the good time she had with him when he visited he school. Judy also finds out that the Lock Willow Farm was owned by Jervis’s family and then he gave it as a gift to George and Elsa for the kindness they had shown him. George and Elsa treat Judy like a real family member once they find out that she and Jervis are friends, and they get a long even better than before. As the days pass Judy gets more in to the flow of the farming lifestyle, but while she tries hard she still continues to goof things up. A few days later Judy wonders if George and Elsa know who her “Daddy Long Legs” is, but at the last minute she changes her mind about asking, she feels that she would have tell them that she’s an orphan and that Jervis and everyone else would find out. Well that’s all for this episode, below are some screen shots.




     This episode covers more of Judy’s vacation at Lock Willow Farm, and how she slowly adapts herself to farm life. Judy also spends a large amount of time with George and Elsa enjoying memories of Jervis’s childhood at Lock Willow Farm, and George and Elsa tell Judy how much she’s like Jervis. A big part of this episode is about Judy coming to terms with her past and being able to have the confidence to admit that she’s is a orphan, and let people decide to like her or not like her knowing the whole truth, as one author stated in a book, “you can not change who you are, but you can decide what you do”. Judy has not developed the maturity or the strength to do this yet, so all she sees ahead is a dark corridor whenever she thinks about telling people about her past.