The first part of this episode is about dreams, the class is assigned a writing project where they have to talk about their dreams. Kuro’s dream is to be friends (?) with Rin forever, Mimi’s dream is to be a animal doctor, and Rin’s dream is to marry her teacher (Daisuke), this upset Kuro and she basically confesses her love to Rin but she blows it off as a joke, crushing Kuro.  Later in the episode we get to see Daisuke struggling to get his stride at teaching, he hasn’t found the right way to motivate the students yet. Daisuke gives Rin some after school instruction, and Rin keeps making passes at him, he tells her not to mess with things she doesn’t understand, and she tells him that he only wishes she doesn’t understand. The next day Daisuke has a lot of trouble keeping his class focused, but he slowly starts to get a handle on teaching, at least he thought he had a handle on teaching, but he finds out from Kuro that Rin is really helping keep the class under control. When Rin scores 100% on her test she waits for her reward, Daisuke asks her what she wants and she tells him to hold her, and he ends up carrying her home. While carrying her she asks him if he hates her and he says no, and she lists her faults and he tells her that some of the things that she did were bad but she’s still a good girl, and that he loves her. At the end of the episode Kyoko is pissed off that Daisuke has turned down her advances twice, and she ends up drinking alone. Well that’s all for this episode, below are some screen shots. 




     Well episode two of Kodomo no Jikan was a very cute and fun episode to watch, the same basic plot lines were continued from the first episode. Daisuke still is struggling to become a good teacher, he means well, and tries hard, but he still has a lot to learn. Mimi is starting to enjoy being back in school after her long absent, and poor Kuro is in love with Rin, she even tells her so but Rin just blows it off.  Kyoko is practically throwing herself at Daisuke but due to his lack of experience he is failing to pick up on this vibe. But the real plot is about how Rin is starting to change Daisuke, and about how Daisuke is changing Rin. Daisuke wonders why he is able to say thing to Rin that he’s never told anyone, in my opinion he is able to say things to her is because she’s safe, even thought she’s throwing herself at him he won’t do anything with her, she may think she loves him, and she really might love him, but he’s too nice of a guy to take advantage her. If Rin was older (like a high school student) than there might be some real chance of  something happening. Overall, compared to the Kodomo no Jikan manga this show is cute sweet romantic comedy, the only real question I have is how long it will take for Daisuke to hook up with Kyoko, after all he still a ******.