Episode 4 starts off with Nagisa meeting with the student counsel, they tell her since the drama club is officially closed that no club activities should take place, this includes recruiting new members. When Nagisa tells Tomoya about the counsels decision he gets really angry telling her not to give up on her dream and that they’ll find a way around the rule, and if not they’ll make one. That night Youhei asks Tomoya if he’s dating Nagisa, and Tomoya avoids answering the question by telling Youhei he’s just after Nagisa’s mother’s bread. Then the next morning Youhei gets his ass kicked again while trying to get Tomoyo to admit she’s really a guy, he still can’t come to grips with a girl being able to kick his ass. 


     Later that day Tomoya runs into Fuko in the hallway, she drags him outside, and she tells him that in exchange for the gift she gave him she wants him to attend her sister’s wedding. Then during lunch Youhei offers to help Nagisa and Tomoya in restarting the drama club, he first suggests that they beat up the student counsel saying it’s the quickest way, but Nagisa refuses, and then he suggests they recruit other people to help. They begin their quest to find members of the unofficial drama club starting with Kyou and her sister, and then Tomoya tries to recruit Kotomi and Fuko. Tomoya tells Fuko that she’s got to have some spare time, and Fuko tells Tomoya that she spends every bit of her time carving and never leaves the school. After hearing this Tomoya and Nagisa are shocked, they don’t believe it, but Fuko tells them it’s true she never leaves the school.


     Tomoya asks her if she ran away from home, and she says she doesn’t know why she’s at the school, all that she remembers is that she was almost hit by a car and now she’s at the school. Nagisa asks Fuko what her last name is and she tells her, and Nagisa says she knows Fuko’s sister. Nagisa tells Tomoya that Fuko’s sister was a teacher when Nagisa was a freshman and that she had a younger sister who was hit by a car and has been hospitalized ever since, then Nagisa suggests that Fuko just might be the ghost that all the students talk about. Well episode 4 ends there, below are some screen shots.


     Well this episode of Clannad continues with a slow easy pacing, each episode reveals a little more information about the main characters. This episode was all about fighting to keep one’s dreams alive, well that’s a common theme that runs through most of Key Visual’s anime shows. This episode also features the revelation that Fuko either a ghost or the physical manifestation of a dreaming comatose girl (where have we seen that before?), but that plot twist always works for me, so what the hell. Clannad is a great example of a harem anime, while it’s not very believable (in real life that many cute, kind, and sweet girls would not be lacking for boyfriends, I guess it’s part of the fantasy), I find that Key’s concentration on storytelling and character building makes me care for all the main players in this show, and that’s the difference between a poor to good anime, and a great anime. You can have a very high production value show and not give a crap about the story and characters, or you can have a show were you come to care about the what to the characters, something in the way they are portrayed touches you so you come to care about what happens to them, you want them to be happy, and that’s why I like this anime. I want all the characters to be all right, I want them to be happy, so I’ll keep watching and hoping.