This episode picks up with Tomoya asking Fuko if she’ll go to her sister’s house, but she refuses saying she’ll wait at the school for them. Nagisa and Tomoya pay a visit to Kouko Ibuki, Fuko’s sister, Nagisa offers congratulations on her upcoming marriage, but Kouko is a little shocked telling them that she only told her sister about the engagement, and her sister is a coma at the hospital. Later Tomoya tells Nagisa that he wants to force a meeting between the sisters but Nagisa is against it, she says that she wants to help Fuko with her dream. So Nagisa and Tomoya take Fuko to Nagisa’s house and talk her parents into letting her stay there for a while. The next day before school Tomoya stops by Nagisa’s house and he finds out that the whole family stayed up all night helping her carve starfish. At school Nagisa and Tomoya help Fuko pass out most of the starfish to the students, and most of the students accept them without question until a former classmate of Fuko refuses telling them that it will distract her from her studies. Later that night Fuko is a little depressed, and Tomoya tries to cheer her up, but she says she wishes she could attend regular classes. So Tomoya gets a few of his friends to participate in a fake classroom experience for Fuko, and they even get Nagisa’s mother Sanae to act as the teacher. This classroom experience seems to make Fuko very happy, in fact she’s is so happy that it almost brings her to tears. Well that’s all for this episode, below are some screen shots. 



     This episode of Clannad is all about Fuko, and how Nagisa gets Tomoya to help Fuko achieve her dream. We find out that more than likely Fuko is a ghost or a living dream, Tomoya wants to resolve this quickly by reuniting the two sisters, but Nagisa wants to use a take it slow approach helping Fuko do what she wants to do. In my opinion this was a very pleasant episode, the kindness and caring expressed by Nagisa really endeared me to her character, she puts her own goal of reestablishing the drama club on hold to help out some one else.

     Now this brings me to the title of my post “there is still magic in this world”, one of the reasons I like anime, especially anime created by Key  is that they make me feel that there is still a little magic left in this world. Being a older guy with a science and military background I know that the world can be cruel and unfair, but certain types of entertainment can make me feel that magic can still exist. In real life magic does exist in certain things like finding your true love, in your children, and in things like the US hockey team beating the Russians in 1984. But in fiction magic can still exist every day; in novels like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and The Golden Compass, magic still exists; In anime like Air, Kanon, Someday Dreamers, Kaleido Star, and Clannad, magic still exists. While I know that the magic given to me by these works of fiction really doesn’t exist, it really does exist for the short period while I’m enjoying these distractions from the world of hard work and bills to pay. So that’s why I’ll continue to enjoy these distractions until the day I’ll die.