When Chiaki returns from school she finds one of her relatives waiting by the door (he’s a guy in his 20’s), she lets him in and he goes to the table and proceeds to go in to a almost catatonic state. When Kana arrives home we find out from Chiaki that he just broke up with his girlfriend, then Haruka arrives home and calls him oji-san, and he tells her not to call him that because he’s still in his twenties. None on the girls know how to comfort him, and they feel uncomfortable around him. During dinner he gets a call from his X saying she wants to talk to him, so he rushes off to see her. The next day at school one of Kana’s classmates (Riko) has a crush on Fujioka and gets jealous of the close relationship he has with Kana (If Kana had any sense she’d see Riko as a rival, but were talking about Kana). Riko listens in on Kana’s and Fujioka’s small talk and thinks that their already lovers, he’s been to her house, cooked for him, and is on good terms with her family (it might be Fujioka’s wish to be lovers, but remember were talking about Kana).



     Chiaki finds (oji-san) waiting by the steps again, and she asks if it didn’t work out, and he tells that he failed. Later at home Chiaki and Kana decide to have a duel to chose who will go to the store, Kana suggests that they use a game that Keiko just bought to decide the outcome. The game is based on the romantic TV show they always watch, when Chiaki who plays the teacher defeats Kana who plays the female student she thinks she’s won but the game tells them it’s a bad outcome. Chiaki and Kana at this point have no idea that it’s dating/romance Sim game, and the object is romance not fighting. The next day at school we spend time with Haruka and her friends, we also find out that Haruka is very good at volleyball, and some of the girls think that she should join the team. Also a senior named Hosaka has fantasies of getting Haruka to become the manager of the guy’s team. Then Haruka’s friends tries to deter him by telling him that she’s busy raising children, this only leads to further fantasies involving Haruka. Later the ploy of saying that Haruka has kids backfires totally, he is only further attracted towards her, and begins to have fantasies of being a father to her kids. Well that’s how episode four ends, below are some screen shots.



     Well this episode is all about guys and girls, Riko has a crush on Fujioka and is jealous of Kana’s closeness with him, Fujioka has it serious for Kana but she’s clueless about him, but at least she’s not attacking him this time. Hosaka has a crush on Haruka and her friends feel that they need to protect her from Hosaka, but their efforts only backfire, I think that their worried about nothing, to me Haruka seems like a very good judge of character and would probably sniff out a creep if he was any real danger. The skit about Chiaki and Kana not being able to tell a dating Sim from a fighting game is pretty funny. The introduction of Hosaka is pretty interesting (one small comment, he sweats almost more than any anime character I’ve seen), I was wondering how long it would take before a guy became interested in her seeing how kind and sweet she is. But, what the hell’s the deal with the introduction of the older male relative (whats his real name, all they called him was oji-san),  I looked it up on Wiki and it said his name is Takeru. Well I’ll keep watching, poor Fujioka, Kana’s pretty dense, maybe if he just kissed her outright maybe she’d figure it out that he’s not playing a game and really likes her.