This episode starts off with the lieutenant Hizuki’s group giving a report to some higher ups on how well the sonic diver unit is performing as bait for the worms. The big wigs get a good laugh out of it until they find out that the admiral’s daughter Eika is in that unit, but he tells them not to worry about his daughter. During this meeting we learn that the big wigs just intend to use the sonic divers for bait then let Vic Viper’s new unit destroy the worm’s nest/factory. The ship will be ordered to the nest’s approx. location with the intention of finding the nest’s exact position. Back on the ship, Eika continues to work out and train while the others get caught goofing off. The girls are informed of the mission with Col. Togo telling them that they’ll be gone for a long time, but first the ship must restock, so they’ll have some shore leave, and if they want to say any goodbye’s better do them now. Back at Eika’s home her father returns home to get some papers and his wife tells him to rest because he looks exhausted, he says he can’t do that with everyone risking their life fighting the worms, and a short time later he collapses. Later, Eika receives a call from her mother telling her about her fathers illness, but Eika hangs up when her mother compares her to her father. When Col. Togo finds out he gets permission for Eika to make a visit, but she refuses, Togo tells her enough of her stubbornness, and he tells her to let her father hear her voice again. Then Eika gets another call from her mother and she tells her that it’s just overwork and would she please call her father. When Eika calls her father it doesn’t go well, and they end up arguing with Eika hanging up on him. Later Elise talks to Eika about family and we learn that Elise has always lived on a military base because both her parents died in the war. Then it seems that Eika’s father ends up sending some fresh apples to the ship as a gift, and Eika understands this as a kind of peace offering. Then at the end of the episode we see a human like creature rising from the sea, and it kind of looks like Otoha. Well that’s all of this episode, below are some screen shots.





     Well, episode 15 resolves quite a few dangling plot lines from earlier in the series, the major void that was filled was about Eika’s personality and her relationship with her father. Eika was always kind of a hard ass, which I can identify with having spent a lot of time in the military, but showing us that Eika went on to become a pilot against her father’s will, so Eika needs to be extra perfect and professional to live up to the standards she thinks her father would demand from himself, because her father is a admiral and was also a pilot. But I feel sorry for Eika’s mother, boy she looks like one beat down woman, maybe it’s just the stress of having a husband and daughter at war. Also after seeing this episode I feel a little more accepting of Elise, this episode explains quite a bit about why she’s the way she is. For all of you loli fans out there this episode has a lot of little scenes showing Elise as a cute little loli, and also there’s a little scene showing Otoha and Ryohei together looking very cute, like the couple I think they’ll be by the end of the series. I never really liked lieutenant Hizuki he just seemed too creepy to me, now this episode has confirmed my feelings, instead of being a good second in command to Col. Togo he’s really a fly on the wall or a spy for the higher ups. I don’t mind the military using the sonic divers as bait but I don’t like them hiding it from Col. Togo and the pilots, being used as scouts or “bait” is pretty much standard military practice, and the Sky Girls belong to the military now and I think they would understand the mission if it was explained properly to then. Now what I didn’t want to see in this series is starting to occur, I didn’t want some weird twist occurring ala NGE, but after seeing the strange creature/girl rising from the sea that kind of looks like Otoha, I think their going to heading in that direction. The whole thing about Otoha’s childhood friend disappearing, and the above normal sync rate between Otoha and her sonic diver leads me to think this series is going to be more than a “bug hunt” (aliens movie).