This episode begins with the ship heading towards port, the ship must resupply for a few days before heading to their scouting/bait mission. The admiral and Captain look over some taped battles of the Vic Viper type planes fighting with some worms, while the new planes can’t destroy the worms they can cause serious damage to them. Then the girls find out that they can take some shore leave on Aioki island, Aioki island is Nanae’s home and she invites the girls to stay with her while they are on the island. When they get to Nanae’s home they find that it’s a very noisy, lively, and warm place to stay at.  Nanae’s has two younger brothers, and two younger sisters, the girls seem to really enjoying becoming a temporary part of Nanae’s family.



      Later Nanae make a bike trip to town and runs into a male acquaintance from a long ago, his name is Kurosawa Hiroharu. As they walk home they engage in small talk, Nanae is clearly attracted to him, but she doesn’t tell him what she does because he make a comment about the ship causing problems for the island. At a scenic platform Nanae recalls how them met years before. The next day they meet at the overlook again and share some ice cream, take a walk on the beach, and Hiro-kun ends up hugging Nanae. While walking along the beach Otoha and Elise see what’s happening and Elise starts teasing Nanae about her boyfriend. Nanae continues to lie about what she doing, she’s afraid to tell him she’s in the military. Later some of the girls tell her to confess her feelings to him, and Eika tells her to tell him the truth, but Nanae tells them no she won’t, she just wants to be a normal girl.  The next day a worm is detected heading towards the island and the crew is recalled, Hiro went out on a boat to scout some good viewing areas for his date with Nanae and gets trapped in the middle of the fight, Otoha has to rescue him and in the process gives away Nanae’s true job, Otoha tells him not to be mad at Nanae. That night Nanae’s is sure that Hiro hates her and they won’t meet again, but he shows up at the ship and apologizes for saying things without thinking after she apologizes for misleading him, they part with Hiro telling her to come back to the island. That’s all for this episode, below are some screen shots.



     Episode sixteen of Sky Girls is basically a rounding out of Nanae’s character, and her home life, in previous episodes we found out about Eika, Karen, Otoha, and Elise. Nanae home is shown to be a caring and loving situation that abounds with a gentle chaos. One thing that strikes me about Nanae’s attitude towards telling Hiro about her real job is seen in many anime, is how a lot for female anime characters fear of standing out. They hide the fact that they are exceptional in some way or another, they would rather have guys think that they are the same cute little girls from many years ago, not the trained competent professionals they really are. I’ve talked about this issue with several friends and we’ve agreed that this is part of a cultural thing, part of the same thing that has real Japanese girls in their twenties wearing Lolita outfits hugging teddy bears, basically saying I’m not a real grow woman I’m really just a cute innocent little girl. Given my choice between a woman who’s confident in herself , her opinions and abilities, and woman/girl who thinks maybe I’ll be better liked if I seem cute and innocent, I’ll take the confident and self assured woman any day. Don’t get me wrong I think the Gothic Lolita image is very cute, but spending time with a image can get old quick.