Daddy Long Legs 13 starts off with Judy back from her summer vacation, she watches the new students arrive and says it seems like just the other day she was one of them. Judy sees Sallie and Julia for the first time in months and Julia has a new serious attitude towards her studies, she wants to be the best student in the school, and Judy becomes aware of a $25 short story writing contest. At lunch Julia tells Judy that just being well brought up isn’t enough you have to go to university, and Sallie say her brother a Princeton student says girls will need specialized training soon. Sallie says that she needs to find a goal for herself, and this leaves Judy searching for a goal too. Judy decides to try and win the short story contest as her goal, and Sallie gets nominated by Julia as a candidate for student consul, this means big problems for Sallie because she has a intense fear of public speaking. Sallie enlists Judy to help her during the campaign, Sallie starts off strong but has a really rough go at it, she has a hard time being charismatic enough to keep the students’ attention while speaking. Even though she has a tough time she doesn’t give up, Sallie keeps refining her message and starts to get a little traction. Sallie works at the election campaign day and night exhausting herself, the next day the candidates have to give speeches to the student body, and Sallie’s exhaustion, stress, and nerves causes her to collapses on stage. Judy speaks to the crowd telling everyone how hard Sallie worked and that she would be a good representative for the students. Later Julia stops by to tell Sallie and Judy that Sallie barely got elected to the counsel, but a victory is a victory. Well that’s all, below are some screen shots.




     This episode is all about setting goals and working hard to try and achieve your goals, Julia kind of shocks Judy and Sallie into thinking about their futures. Julia tells Judy that being well born isn’t enough these days you need to go to university to be well rounded. Julia forces Sallie to make her political run, at first I thought it was mean of her to do that to Sallie but in the end it helped Sallie to gain more confidence in herself. This episode also triggers Judy into think about putting her writing skills to work. What I really found interesting was how a Japanese anime envisioned a critical period in American history, Jean Webster published the book in 1912 so the story takes place around 1908-1911, that’s pre-WWI (1917), pre-roaring 20’s, and even before women had the right to vote (1920). So some of the issues advocated in this story are very progressive for the times, Julia’s insistence on higher education is very progressive for the time period, it would be perfectly acceptable for well born girls like Julia and Sallie to complete high school and marry well born older men and become society women. Also the election storyline in this episode is very progressive one must remember women in the US did not earn the right to vote until 1920, but in this episode Sallie and other girls are shown competing in a election campaign as tough as any seen today.