This episode begins with the sonic divers fighting a worm that looks like a dragon and it uses electrical discharges/EMP (?) as a weapon. When the girls use their quadra lock on the worm, it’s destruction causes a massive explosion/storm of electrical discharge/ EMP. The explosion knocks the sonic diver team off course and they ended up on a tropical island, unable to reestablish communications with their ship.



     Otoha suggests that they fly back to the ship but Eika reminds them that the nano skin has expired and piloting the units would be like committing suicide, so she says they’ll just have to stay on the island awhile. While the ship searches for the team, Eika keeps the girls productive doing things like, building a fire, finding food, and building a shelter. After the fourth or fifth day on the island Elise is practically useless, and Eika begins to doubt her leadership skills. But Otoha helps by keeping Eika motivated. Later that day Elise gets frustrated and does a really dumb thing, without the other girls knowing she builds a raft and heads off on her own, once she clears the safely of the reef she gets tossed off her raft by the rough seas. Just before Elise drowns, Eika risks flying her sonic diver unit, and she sees Elise sinking under water, Eika dives into the water and saves her. Back on shore, when Elise finally wakes up, Eika chews her out by telling her she can’t die for nothing, and everybody is counting on them for protection from the worms. Later that evening a rescue helicopter with Togo and Ryohei abroad find the girls’ signal fire and SOS message and rescue them from the island. Well that’s all for this episode, below are some screen shots.




     This was a very relaxing episode with the loli girls oh I mean the Sky Girls on a tropical island, after getting stranded on the island the girls must spend time on survival, food, water, and shelter. Elise get bored quickly waiting for rescue and does something very rash, but Eika knows the right thing to do, wait for rescue. It’s always better to wait for rescue instead of trying to find your way back, if you don’t get it perfectly right you might just even get further away from rescue. Elise continues to show a lot of motivation in wanting to kill worms but she still acts very childish. This was a great episode it had everything you could want, cute girls, a tropical island, skimpy clothes, and the only thing missing would be me if I was twenty years younger.