Episode six begins with Tomoya stopping by Nagisa’s families bread shop and seeing the shelves loaded with all kinds of starfish shaped breads, Nagisa’s mother offers him one but he refuses knowing how poorly her baking tastes. Later at school Fuko continues to hand out her starfish, but she’s having a harder time passing them out, but she’s also developing a small fan-club of guys touched by her kindness. Fuko, Nagisa, and Tomoya go to a classroom to plot out strategies for increasing the number of  students receiving a starfish when Youhei shows up and tries to help, but Fuko doesn’t want him to help so he challenges her to a carving contest, Fuko is very fast at carving but she carves the wrong thing, but Youhei loses to her when he cuts himself becoming unable to finish. Later Nagisa and Tomoya want to set up a meeting between Fuko and her sister, and Nagisa makes the comment that they are almost like Fuko’s father and mother, Nagisa becoming very embarrassed after making the comment. They head to Fu-chan sister’s house and invite her to the festival, and she agrees to go telling Nagisa about the promise she made to her sister, upon hearing this Nagisa breaks down in tears. Fu-chan worked all night carving starfish she’s so tired that Tomoya has to carry her to school the next day. At the founders festival Fu-chan works harder than ever to pass out her starfish, and she’s become a minor celebrity around the school, most of the students now know about her sisters wedding. Towards the end of the day Fu-chan’s sister (Kouko) shows up at the festival just like she promised, she greets Nagisa and Tomoya saying it’s nice to see the two of them, at that moment Nagisa and Tomoya realize that Fu-chan really is a ghost or a living dream. Well that’s all for now, below are some screen shots.




     Well here were are at episode 6 already, I have no idea how there going to pack the whole Clannad visual novel’s storyline into the announced run of 24 episodes, maybe their not going to even try and cover the whole story. Episode 6 was another Fuko centered story, her hard work is starting to payoff as more and more students are aware of her sister’s wedding. Tomoya and Nagisa are almost like Fu-chan parents just like Nagisa pointed out, if they can’t admit their a couple already it’s quite obvious to everyone but Youhei that they really are a couple. Well it is quite apparent that Fu-chan really is the ghost that everyone in the school was talking about earlier, if not a ghost then maybe a dream or a living wish. In my opinion she’s more like a kind gentle sad place spirit, she’s tied to the school because it was her wish to attend the same school that her sister taught at, so only the students can see her because they belong to the school and to her dream, and her sister is no longer part of the school so therefor she can’t see her at the moment. The idea of dreams and reality being a dream or confusing reality with a dream has aways been a topic in anime, many anime such as Cowboy Bebop, Kanon, Sailor Moon, and Key the Metal Idol has featured this issue. The one thing I don’t get is how Tomoya is supposed to be a bad boy, I haven’t seen it yet, as far as I’m concerned I wouldn’t mind having him as a son-in-law.