This episode begins with Emily’s first day at school and right away she has a run in with a girls named Ilse Burnley, when Emily asks her why she’s bothering her she says she doesn’t like spoiled rich girls. Emily is introduced to the students of the school, and it’s pretty tough for her, they all think that she’s a rich girl because she lives with the Murrays. After school a girl named Rhoda ends up telling Emily that everyone’s bothering her because Ilse told them to do it and their all frightened of her. Rhoda shows Emily were Ilse lives and tells her that everyone is afraid of her because they think her father is a conjurer, Emily goes snooping around and gets spotted by Ilse. Emily and Ilse get into a fight and both of them end up falling into a pond, and the fight continues until Ilse’s father finds them fighting.  Once Emily gets home she tries to sneak in and avoid aunt Elizabeth because of the state she’s in, but she gets caught anyway, but Jimmy and Perry make up a cover story for her but I don’t think that aunt Elizabeth buys it but she lets it go at that. The next day after school Emily confronts Ilse again but Ilse has a different attitude and she says that she feels energized after a good fight, a short while later Emily overhears some of the other girls talking and finds out that Rhoda lied to her and she behind the snubbing at school. She then confronts four girls at once and slaps Rhoda across the face, it doesn’t look good for Emily because it’s four on one until Ilse helps her out. Emily and Ilse become sort of friends with Emily apologizing to Ilse, and Ilse telling Emily that she not a spoiled rich girl but a stone headed tomboy. Emily then meets Ilse father who turns out to be a doctor even thought he doesn’t look like one, all three of them then head over to pay a visit to a sick boy named Teddy. Well that’s all for this episode, below are some screen shots.


And now for some pictures of their fight, guys always love a girl/cat fight.



Now for some screen shots of the rest of the episode.



     Well episode three continues with Emily trying to fit in her new situation, first she gets harassed by Ilse for being a spoiled rich girl which couldn’t be farther from the truth. Emily confronts Ilse after school and they argue, Emily and Ilse might look like cute girls but when they throw down they really go at it, the fight only ends when Ilse’s father shows up. The next day after school Emily finds out she was lied to by Rhoda, and that Rhoda’s really controlling the other girls. So Emily takes her and the other girls on, and she is helped by Ilse. I have to say that this is very different from how a typical anime would have handled it, in a typical anime the heroine would have put up with it and would try and win over the other girls over by being nice, and kind, overall a Emily handled it in a very American way. Then Ilse and Emily become friends after their fight, it’s almost the way guys act, there have been many cases in real life where I have had conflicts with guys and we don’t anguish over it we get it on and settle it than become friends or at least come to a understanding. Also when Emily meets Teddy the feeling between them is almost electric, I already feel sorry for Ilse, she clearly likes Teddy but you can see the coming attraction between Emily and Teddy. This series is very good natured and sweet, I feel that it captures the wonders and emotions of children whom are on the verge of adolescence, Emily of New Moon shows the chaotic nature of childhood friendships, feuds, and their growing attraction towards members of the opposite sex. Overall a family friendly anime suitable for kids of all ages, that doesn’t mean that adults won’t enjoy this anime, too me it has the same enjoyable qualities that Little House on the Prairie, Anne of Green Gables, and Dr Quinn Medicine Woman had.