This episode starts off with Kana complaining about the summer heat, she says she wants to go to the sea, after Chiaki agrees that she wants to go to the sea too Haruka tells the girls they’ll go next Sunday. Haruka tells the girls to find their swim suits and try them on, and they all discover that there too tight. Haruka insists that they’ve grow taller but Kana says it’s because they’ve gotten fatter. Kana and Chiaki go to shop for new swim suits while Haruka stays home and makes dinner, they tell her that they’ll pick out a new suit for her. Kana wants to buy a skimpy suit for her saying that if a high school student doesn’t have something to show she’ll stand out, so Kana buys her a pretty hot looking two piece, it may look hot to Kana and me but it’s probably too reviling for Haruka’s taste.


     The girls’ dream of a trip to the beach might be ruined by several days of rain but Haruka and Kana force Chiaki into pleading for good weather. On the day of the beach trip two of Chiaki’s friends also tag along, everyone is having a great time except Haruka, she’s too embarrassed to take off her t-shirt and be exposed wearing the suit that Kana bought for her. A while later some of Haruka’s friends from school spot her on the beach and invite her to play some volleyball, Haruka notices that their all wearing revealing two piece suits too, so she comes to understand that she might just be too self-conscious, and this finally gets her to take off the extra clothes and enjoy the beach. Later during the day Kana and Chiaki get into a argument over Kana’s need to be accepted/wanted by Chiaki. Back at home Chiaki asks why all three of them have very different personalities. Than the three sister imagine what it would be like if all three of them had the exact same personalities, and it’s not very pretty. Later, Haruka tells her sisters that she loves each one of them with their different personalities. Well that’s all for this episode, below are some screen shots.



     Well every anime featuring cute girls needs to have a onsen episode or a beach episode I would prefer that a series includes both, So I’ll settle for just a beach episode but there’s still time for a onsen visit. Who could ask for anything better than watching cutely drawn anime girls romping on a beach, I would prefer to be on a real beach checking out real women but alas it’s cold up north right now. Other than checking out the cute girls in beachwear the major point of this episode is Kana’s need to be wanted/accepted/loved by her sister Chiaki. I feel that Kana is jealous of Chiaki’s seemingly unconditional love/affection towards Haruka, I think that there are two reasons for this. The first reason is that Haruka is like Chiaki’s mother, while Haruka most likely doesn’t intend to be anything more that a caring sister, Chiaki most likely attaches her need to be loved by a mother to Haruka. The second reason is that Haruka doesn’t outwardly try to force Chiaki to be affectionate towards her so Chiaki doesn’t feel like she’s being forced to feel a certain way. Well this series is developing nicely, I find it a relaxing way to spend thirty minutes.