The episode begins with Otoha practicing her sword skills on the deck of the ship, and she sees a mysterious glowing globe, she thinks she’s seen it somewhere before. Finally her memory is jogged, and she remembers when she saw it before, it is a memory from her childhood. Back when she was young, Otoha and a friend (Yuuki) were on a beach together when a light appeared before them, the light blazed and when Otoha eyes recovered her friend was gone. Otoha decides to warn Togo and the others, but before she can do this, the ship experiences power fluctuations and the engines stop. Otoha runs into Ryohei and they go to check out the situation, once they get to the engine room the crew points to some mysterious intruders. The creatures attack and only Ryohei’s quick reactions save Otoha, the engineering crew attacks the creatures but after being struck the creatures just divide into more creatures.



     Togo arrives on the scene and recognizes the creatures as worms, then Ryohei remembers that a worm takes on the first shape it sees, so this worm saw a human first so it takes on a humanoid shape. Ryohei and Otoha agree to lure the worms to the deck while Togo evacuates the engine crew and alerts the others. As Otoha and Ryohei lure the worms towards the deck they keep multiplying, Togo prepares a incineration crew to attack them as soon as they reach the deck. While being chased by the worms Otoha falls and sprains her leg, Ryohei starts to carry her while running, and he gets injured several times by the worms while carrying her.


     Otoha figures out that the worms have a attachment to her and she sends Ryohei to prep her sonic diver unit while she leads the worms through the ship. Once she gets in her sonic diver unit the worms follow her into the sky and proceed to try and engulf her and her sonic diver. Otoha is in serious trouble when Hizuki shows up in a helicopter and tells his companions that Otoha’s sonic diver was once part of a worm. Otoha thinks that she sees Yuuki in the helicopter and her sonic diver comes to life, displaying some pretty nice combat powers. After she breaks free of the worm, Hizuki’s helicopter destroys whats left of the worm, when Otoha’s back on the ship Ryohei carries her to the medical clinic. Well that’s all for episode 18, below are some screen shots.




Well this episode was pretty much all about Otoha and Ryohei, a lot of information about Otoha and her special relationship with her sonic diver is given to the viewer. First of all it is revealed that her sonic diver unit is made from the worms, and Otoha’s childhood friend (Yuuki) was taken by the worms. Also we are informed that the worms take on the shape of the first creature that they see, so most of the worms are sea creatures because the worms are formed in the sea, and that the worms feed on electrical power. What I find strange is that Hizuki is behind a lot of the mysteries surrounding the orgin of the sonic diver program, and that the mysterious girl accompanying Hizuki is related to the worms in some way. I still don’t know who’s side Hizuki is really on, I think that he just might be willing to sacrifice anyone to get at the worms. Also this episode shows how close Otoha and Ryohei have become, Otoha likes and cares for Ryohei, and Ryohei would do anything for Otoha including giving his life for her. Ryohei and Otoha are couple in everything but name even if they don’t know it, but everyone around them can see it. All I can say about the picture below is that if I was Ryohei I would be carrying Otoha somewhere but it wouldn’t to the medical clinic.