This episode begins with the girls changing clothes in the classroom and Rin has Kuro that a picture of her with her cell phone, and when Kuro asks why she wants the picture Rin says she sending it to Daisuke, this upsets Kuro greatly and she rushes out of the classroom. Daisuke is talking with another male teacher in the teachers lounge when the other teacher says that he’s glad he teaches first graders so he doesn’t have to deal with the older girls as they grow up so quickly. Later Daisuke notices that Mimi having trouble in physical education class because of her over development for her age, and he doesn’t know how to handle it, he can’t bring himself to tell her you should wear a bra (you would think that Mimi’s mother would notice this issue). In the teachers lounge Daisuke is mumbling to himself about the breast problem and Kyoko overhears him and thinks that he’s talking about her breasts.



      Later Kyoko is leaving the women’s restroom and runs into Mimi, and Mimi asks her how can she have breast as large as hers and Kyoko misunderstands the question, so she tells her to drink milk and they’ll get larger, Mimi gets very upset and runs away from the restroom. Later Mimi tells Rin and Kuro about her problem, Kuro is blunt and tells her to start wearing a bra and that should solve the problem. That evening Mimi buys a bra and wears it to school the next day and her worst fears come true, as soon as she shows up in class the boys spot the bra and start making comments about the bra and her breasts. Just as Mimi runs out of the classroom, Rin sees what happened and attacks the boy who was making the comments.


      Rin and Kuro find Mimi crying in the girl’s restroom where she tells them that the bra hurts her and she never should have worn it, Kuro tells her its the wrong size and type, and Mimi says she didn’t know what to buy, and that her mother just gave her the money to buy the bra (hey, mom that was really a lot of help). After school Kuro takes Mimi and Rin to a upscale clothing shop where she shops at for a proper fitting. After school Kyoko wants to go out drinking with Daisuke (alone) but Daisuke’s fellow teacher muscle’s into the mix pissing off Kyoko. The next day at school Daisuke asks Rin for help with Mimi and she says OK as long as she gets a tight hug, and she hugs Daisuke, but he says she hasn’t helped Mimi yet, but she says it’s already taken care of. Well that’s all for episode 3, below are some screen shots.



     This episode revolves around Mimi’s problems with her over developed body and how those problems affect her in the classroom and hurt her self confidence. Mimi’s problems affect the classroom environment and so become a problem for her teacher Daisuke. Let me say this now, Mimi’s problem is caused my her mother’s lack of attention to her daughter, her mother should have noticed her daughter’s development and did her motherly duty by taking her to the store herself and helping her pick out the correct fitting bra. Rin continues to make improper sexual advances on Daisuke and these advances continue to throw him off balance when dealing with his classroom.

      My feeling is that his lack of experience with women (he all but admitted in a earlier episode that he’s still a virgin) and his embarrassment about talking about any issues dealing with sexuality causes him problems. If he could talk about these issues he would be able to ask Kyoko or another female teacher for advice about Mimi’s problem or his problem with Rin. Also the other male teacher he talks with is married and has a daughter so if he had any sense he could ask him for advice but he too embarrassed to do this.  Also his lack of experience causes him problems with Kyoko, she is clearly attracted to him, and he seems to like her to, and she’s practical is throwing herself at him but he’s too involved with his classroom problems to notice. It is really cute how Kuro continues to pine for Rin’s affection  but in her heart she knows that it really won’t happen but that doesn’t stop her. 

     Daisuke main issue in this series will be trying to figure out how to help Rin work through her issue, Rin’s main problem is that she feels the need to express her affections towards men in a overtly sexual manner, he needs to help her learn the proper ways to express affections towards males. Well this setup is quite amusing so far, as the viewer of this series can tell that her teacher isn’t attracted to her in that way but she might just run into a boy/man that just might take her up on some of her improper offers. The series is heavily edited for it’s Japanese television broadcast, any improper visuals are covered by the placing of blocking objects at the right places, and any improper language in bleeped out or covered with random noises. If your looking for that kind of thing you’ll have to probably have to wait and buy the DVD releases from Japan when they become available, or you can read the manga (the manga available from the usual sources).