Minami-ke begins with Makoto freaking out about the level of homework given to them when he hears Chiaki and her friends talking about a homework party and he tries to get one of the girls to study with him. Then one of the other girls says why don’t you just join their group instead of causing trouble, and he says great, they can be the idiot study team. When they get to Chiaki’s house they walk in on Kana changing clothes, this doesn’t bother Kana but it bothers Chiaki, it seems that Makoto (stupid boy) and Kana (idiot girl) get along just fine, and this meeting of two similar minds upsets Chiaki.



     A little while later Haruka gets home from school and Makoto is instantly smitten by Haruka, and Makoto begins to help Haruka in the kitchen fawning over her like a love struck puppy. Chiaki is very upset about this and doesn’t invite Makoto again, and her asks her why she’s mad at him, all he gets in reply is a smack in the face. A while later Kana finds out from one of Chiaki’s friends that Chiaki is pissed at Makoto and she tells her to bring along Makoto next time because it will be interesting. Then Kana talks to Makoto and she says that they’ll disguise Makoto as a girl and he’ll/she’ll be over as her friend. When Chiaki gets home Kana’s plan seems to work, Kana told Makoto that Chiaki only really notices someone or something when she wants to, when Haruka gets home and proceeds to undress in front of everyone this practically sends Makoto into a coma of pleasure.




      Later Uchida runs into Makoto in the women’s clothing section of a department store. Makoto tries to explain to Uchida that it’s not what it looks like and that he likes Haruka, but it doesn’t look like she heard him. Makoto explains what happened to Yuka and she tells him that a guy in a women’s clothing section looks weird so she loans him a set of her clothing and they go shopping together, then Haruka runs into them in the store and she offers to help her/him select the proper fit. He thinks he’s going to be found out but Haruka just thinks that they’ll grow out soon, Makoto is sent into another coma of happiness over the physical contact with Haruka. Well that’s all for this episode, below are some screen shots.




     The I watch more of Minami-ke the more I come to like this series, It’s slow pacing goes perfectly with it’s low key sense of humor. Whats cute about the series is how much stuff that the boys will put up with to be around whatever Minami sister that they are crushing on, Fujioka is willing to put up with Kana’s stupidity and her attacks to be around her, and now Makoto is willing to cross dress as a girl to be close to Haruka, and I must admit that his strategy has gotten him more success with Haruka then Fujioka’s strategy has gotten him with Kana. Also, Kana has her sister Chiaki pegged pretty well when she told Makoto that Chiaki only pays attention to things that she feels are important. One of the funnest moments in the series come when Haruka and Makoto are in the dressing room and Haruka tells her/him to strip and he thinks that his burly chest will give him away, but Haruka just tells her/him don’t worry they’ll grow soon, if he wasn’t so happy about the physical contact with Haruka his manhood should have been crushed, until next episode I’ll keep watching.