This episode begins with Tomoya and Nagisa meeting Fuko’s sister at the school’s founders day festival where they realize that she can’t see her sister. Fuko’s sister tells them that she’s heard the rumor that her sister is at the school having fun with friends, and so forth, but she says she knows that it can’t possibly be true. She tells them that if Fuko’s happy and surrounded by friends even if it’s only in her dreams then she would be happy in knowing that. Tomoya and Nagisa make a heartfelt plea to Kouko to please marry her boyfriend and not put off the wedding because of her sisters condition, and they tell her that’s what Fuko would have wanted. Kouko says that she never considered grabbing her own happiness and leaving her sister behind, but they tell her that their sure that her sister would want it that way. A little while later Nagisa tearfully tells Tomoya that she thinks that she betrayed Fuko, but Tomoya tells Nagisa she did nothing wrong and if anyone did something wrong it was him in not believing Fuko and trying to force a meeting between the sisters. After spending the rest of the day handing out starfish with Fuko, Nagisa and Tomoya visit Kouko and ask her what Fuko was like before the accident. They learn from Kouko that from a very early age Fuko never really made friends, and as time went by Kouko started pushing Fuko away in a effort to force her to make friends, then on the day of Fuko’s high school entrance ceremony she got struck by a car on the way home from school. Later Nagisa, Tomoya, Youhei, and Fuko have a meeting about the status of the gifting of the starfish and Nagisa and Fuko get into a argument about whats cuter starfish or the dango family, and Tomoya lures Youhei into getting pounded by Fuko. Tomoya and Nagisa get permission for Kouko to get married at the school, and when they tell her that information she tells them the Fuko’s condition is getting worse, Nagisa is brought to tears when she hears this news, and worst of all Youhei tells them that students are beginning to not see Fuko. Youhei asks Tomoya what is Fuko?, he tells Tomoya everyone is beginning to forget her and forgetting to remember getting the starfish. Well that’s all for this episode, below are some screen shots. 





     Another episode dedicated to uber cute Fuko, this episode was filled with a sweetness and a slowly growing after-taste of bitterness coming to the forefront. Nagisa and Tomoya now truly understand that Fuko is a living dream, and possibility that she’s a fading dream but I don’t think that they understand all the implications of the situation. In the world of Clannad dreams have true power and form, Fuko in dream form is kind, gentle, loving, and above all lonely and in this form her spirit/nature made a connection with Nagisa and Tomoya who are both at heart gentle and lonely, Nagisa and Tomoya become the instrumentality/completion of her dream. As Nagisa and Tomoya move Kouko towards completion of her marriage, and this was Fuko’s wish/dream from the beginning, her hold on the school is starting to fade, I fear that as Kouko marriage approaches Fuko will fade like the hero who expends his last bit life completing his last great mission. I don’t know if there will be salvation at the end for Fuko like there was for Ayu at the end of Kanon, but I can only hope. But if there isn’t I’ll chalk it up to Mono no Aware ( the sadness of all things/with great beauty comes great sadness, too many meanings to cover here),  but at it’s heart it means that we must take joy in the sweetness of a moment no matter how short it is because in the course of nature all things must pass or fade away, but if I ever saw Fuko I would give her a big hug.

If you like Fuko please enjoy my little shrine dedicated to her cuteness/sweetness.