Well it’s been a hell of a long time since I visited this series, I should have finished this months ago but I got tied up with other things. So seeing that each episode of Rec. is only one half the length of a normal anime episode I’ll try and finish the series within two weeks, but you never know, work commitments might crop up and get in the way.


     This episode begins with Matsumaru and Aka getting used to living together, Matsumaru wakes up late for work and walks into the bathroom while Aka is inside, he gets called a perv and he tells her to lock the bathroom door, and they both admit that they are used to living alone. On their way to work Aka worries that if they arrive together it might draw suspicion to their relationship, but before they can spit up Matsumaru’s coworker sees them together but he’s not suspicious. At the first public event of the campaign Matsumaru ends up in a mascot suit with Aka doing the voice work, they don’t seem to be drawing a lot of customers. Finally after two days work, Matsumaru and Aka are rewarded by getting a lift from a little girl who says she just loves the comercial. Aka is brought to tears because the little girls remembered her voice and her lines, on the way home from work Aka shines with happiness. That’s all for this episode, Below are some screen shots.




     Even though each episode of Rec. is only twelve minutes long it still is able maintain three ongoing plot-lines with a fair amount detail. The first plot line is Aka’s budding career as voice actress, this anime shows that not all voice actresses start off in anime but most have to work very hard just to grab a minor role. The second plot line is how Matsumaru’s job as a advertising salary-man can also be frustrating. And the third and most important plot line in Rec. is the budding relationship between Aka and Matsumaru, this relationship is at times funny, frustrating, and touching. Even through both of them are adults their are not really comfortable with the current state of affairs, living together as a couple but not quite lovers. Sex or the thought of sex is just under the surface, in the first episode they had a one night stand in a moment of weakness, no let me rephrase that, they came together that night because at that moment they needed the physical closeness/connection to ease their loneliness. Now both are attracted to each other, bumping into each other like moths and then backing away like their afraid of touching the light again. Well I look forward to seeing how the relationship develops, in the end they are just a lonely girl and a lonely boy when put together each one gives something to the other that they lack like, friendship, kindness, and human companionship.