This episode starts off with showing how the ship is recovering from the intrusion of the worms, no major casualties, and only some minor system damage. We get to meet some of the people that Lt. Hizuki brought aboard with him, Professor Suou Kiriko head of the worm countermeasure unit, and we also are introduced to Aisha Krishnam. Otoha confuses her with her childhood friend, and Eika thinks that she’s the same pilot that defeated her in the first episode. Eika confronts her by asking her if she’s ever been to the same base as her, she says that she was involved in the prototype testing, but she has no memories of her, Eika asks her if she thinks she’s a fool, and she says that she doesn’t remember anything. Later we learn that most of the ship’s food stores were destroyed and that it will be three days to get more supplies so it’s lo-cal meals for now. Otoha had it with little food so she wants to use the sonic divers to fish for food, Col. Togo goes to the bosses for permission, and the Rear Admiral thinks it’s a joke but the Admiral says he’ll give permission for combat formation training (wink and nod). The combat practice is very successful netting a large quantity of fish resulting in an above average dinner feast.



     Otoha gets interested in the strange new girl and goes on deck to talk to her, Otoha tries to make small talk with her but gets nowhere. Elise overhears the other girls talking about the rumor that Aisha was the origin of the worms and goes on deck to confront her, and just as Elisa is about to hit her, Otoha stops her. The girls go to the professor for some answers about Aisha and she tells them that Aisha’s father developed a nano program and experimented on his daughter, and the resulting consequences was the birth of the worms which think of humans as a cancer growth that needs to be treated. So the professor explains that as the worms tried to cure the planet of it’s human infection mankind struck back with nuclear weapons attempting to defeat the worms. After the worms disappeared Aisha was found in a capsule with instructions from her dead father that she should continue in his stead, so the girls learn that Aisha has always been an experimental subject and that the sonic diver units evolved from her DNA. Elise feels bad upon learning of Aisha’s situation and goes to apologize to her and that’s how the episode ends, below are some screen shots.




     Well we finally find out the origins of the worms, and in in immortal words of Charlton Heston from The Planet of the Apes “Damn you all to hell”, when he finds out that we ruined the planet and left the apes in charge. So we come to find out that the worms were created by humans (Aisha’s father) playing around with nano tech., this plot-line is nothing new we’ve seen it before in shows like the Matrix, and Planet of the Apes, also this is the ultimate expression of the nano tech. “gray goo theory” which means that if we screw up with nano tech. the machines can run wild turning the whole surface of the planet to gray goo. One thing I didn’t get was how we got from Aisha’s fathers experiments on her to the worms running wild around the planet. Also we get to wonder about Otoha’s special link with her sonic diver unit, that will have to wait to a future episode.