This episode starts off with Emily writing in her diary about how she gets along with Ilse, they argue all the time but she enjoys her company. Also we find out that Ilse and Emily go to visit the sick boy (Teddy) often but his mother lies to the girls telling them that’s he’s asleep and so forth. Finally the girls find Teddy at home when his mother is out for the day, so they go outside to play, and they watch Teddy do his sketch work. They find out that he has to hide his drawing skills from his mother, Emily gets upset that he has to hide his talents. Then we learn that Teddy’s mother is having a hard time with money, and the town is suspicious of her. Then we find out that the farm hand (Perry) can’t read or write, but he finds one of Emily’s textbooks and attempts to practice writing. Next a lot of things happen, Aunt Elizabeth forbids Emily from writing, reading fiction, or poetry, then Teddy’s mother doesn’t want him to draw. Perry finally admits to Ilse and Emily that he can’t read or write but he wants to learn how so he can become something like a member of Parliament. Then Teddy has a confrontation with his mother and he ends up getting permission to draw from his mother, and Teddy does a sketch of Emily, Ilse, Perry and himself.  That’s all for this episode, below are some screen shots.




     In this episode we learn that Emily and Ilse have become good friends enjoying each others company, Emily and Ilse try to get Teddy out of his house to spend time with them. Teddy’s mother is very over protective of him, even though Teddy is suffering from a illness his mother keeps him caged up inside the house, his mother also doesn’t want him to draw. Also we learn that Aunt Elizabeth thinks that Emily’s reading of novels and poetry is a waste of time, and she wants her to stop writing. Perry is illiterate but wants to learn how to read and write so he can make something of himself. Overall this episode shows us that some of adults from this time period have some serious issues about the education of their children, Aunt Elizabeth thinks that creative things are not practical, Teddy’s mother thinks that drawing is a waste of his time, and poor Perry can’t even read and write and he should be in school with Emily and Ilse. But what this episode does is establish the core group of characters for this series and it also sets up the basic goals that all the children have for the future, Emily wants to be a writer, Perry wants to learn to read and write, Teddy wants to draw, and Ilse wants to find her passion. we also see the beginning of the crush triangles, Emily likes Teddy, Isle likes Teddy, Perry like Emily, and who knows whom Teddy likes.