This episode begins with Judy reading her short story to Sallie, and Sallie thinks it’s pretty good, but Judy has her doubts because the entries for the school contest will probably be very good. Sallie stops the English professor and has Judy give him the story to look it over, and he says since he on the judging committee he can’t help her rewrite it but he can give his opinion on the story. When Judy shows up at his office, he tells her that there are some good parts to the story but most of it could be called plagiarism. This hits Judy really hard, once back in her room she starts crying and tells Sallie and Julia that the professor was right and she won’t write another short story. Sallie tries to cheer up Judy but Julia tells her to leave Judy alone, she tells Sallie that this is the first time Judy’s failed and she’s giving up already. Julia’s words pisses Judy off and she tries writing again but she finds writing really tough going, she misses dinner and gets really hungry. Julia offers Judy some of her expensive biscuits but Judy still mad at her, so she refuses, but hunger is getting the better of her. The feeling of hunger inspires Judy to write a story involving orphans, hunger, escaping, and finding a lost love, the next day Sallie and Julia both think that the story is pretty good, so Judy enters the story in the contest. Both the English professor and Julia ask Judy how she knows some much about the feelings of orphans, and all Judy says is she just used her imagination. The story Judy wrote ends up taking second place in the contest, there was no first place prize awarded. Well that’s all for this episode, below are some screen shots.







     In this episode of Daddy Long Legs things are starting to get serious, as we learned in the previous episode the girls are now 2nd year students (juniors) in high school, and where they were happy and carefree in their fist year now there starting to get much more serious, with the girls planning for the future. You hear many of the students talking about attending college, careers, and future goals. Sallie is now on the student counsel and devoting her time and effort to that task, Julia is aiming to be the number one student in the school and really works hard at achieving that goal, and Judy up until now has just been happy attending high school, now she is forced to think about the future. Judy chooses to attempt to win the school’s short story contest, her first attempt at story writing fails, while her story is interesting it is clearly a construction of pieces from her favorite books, she get very depressed by the professor’s criticism of her work. While Sallie tries to comfort Judy, Julia is pretty harsh towards her, and I think that Julia was right in goading her, Julia tells Sallie that Judy’s never failed before, and that’s true, Judy must learn to accept failure, pick herself off the ground, and make improvements by correcting her mistakes. Overall a very nice episode, this episode shows how the girls a changing from just girls in school to young women thinking about the future.