This episode begins with Nagisa, Fuko, and Tomoya siting around a table and Nagisa tells Fuko that the day of her sister’s wedding is approaching and permission has be granted for it to take place at the school, Tomoya is uneasy about this news. In the school hallway Fuko, Nagisa, and Tomoya continue to try and hand out the starfish, but nobody seems to notice/see Fuko, Even when Tomoyo is shown a starfish by Tomoya she can remember the gift, but she doesn’t notice Fuko. While Tomoya still remembers the starfish other students can’t recall it even when they are shown one, Fuko runs off in sadness, and Nagisa asks Tomoya whats happening? Tomoya tells her that he thinks her existence is in danger because her condition is getting worst. At Nagisa’s house everyone continues to help carve starfish, later that night Nagisa breaks down in tears over her worry for Fuko and Tomoya comforts her. When Tomoya visits Youhei’s place he is told by Youhei that he did some research on Fuko and he believes that she is a fake Fuko or something else, and he wants to go to the hospital to look at Fuko’s face, Tomoya is worried that if Youhei sees her face he’ll forget her too.



     The next day at school Youhei can’t remember Fuko after visiting the hospital, and almost no students remembers Fuko either. Later on Youhei mentions Fuko’s name out of the blue, and Tomoya tries to get him to remember her, he struggles with his memory but he can’t remember her but he does remember a feeling, Tomoya says he tried hard enough so there is some hope. On their way home from school Nagisa and Tomoya buy Fuko a present in honor of her sisters wedding, and when they get to Nagisa’s house her father is in pain trying to remember Fuko but he can’t see her, and Nagisa’s mother tries to pretend that she still can see Fuko but she breaks down in tears saying that she went to the hospital to visit her and once she saw her she can no longer see Fuko but she knows she still should. Tomoya and Nagisa go with Fuko to spend the night with her at the school, and that’s where the episode ends. Below are some screen shots.




     Well, the dream that was Fuko is slowly starting fade from the present, Fuko’s memory is fading from people in reverse order, people who new her in passing are losing her first, and the ones who care for her are also forgetting her but more slowly. Nagisa fears that she’ll forget her too, but Tomoya tells her that since she loves her so much it won’t happen, I don’t think that Tomoya really believes that to be true, Tomoya even expressed the fear that he’ll even forget her too. Tomoya tells Nagisa that he thinks this is being caused by Fuko’s worsting condition in the hospital, but I think he’s wrong, very wrong. What I believe is happening is that Fuko’s gentle lonely spirit reached out and touched Nagisa and Tomoya, and in their love and kindness to her set in motion the fulfillment of Fuko’s dream. Fuko’s who in reality is lying in a hospital bed in a coma is only sustaining her life force/spirit by sheer force of will, and that will has only one goal seeing her sister become happy, as Fuko comes to understand that the dream is almost reality she’s slowly letting go, the long struggle is almost over, her body/spirit can finally relax and be at peace. While her departure is very gentle to people who only casually knew her, it is very painful to people who really cared for and loved her you just can’t rip out a piece of someones heart and not expect it to hurt. I’m almost at the point where I feel that there might not be final salvation for Fuko like there was for Ayu at the end of Kanon.