This episode continues the Mako-chan storyline as he/she has dinner again at the Minami household, and Kana gets enjoyment out of the fact that she started Makoto on his journey of cross-dressing. Kana wants to continue her mission of transforming people, at school she thinks that if she could wear Keiko’s glasses it will make her look more intelligent, and seeing wearing glasses is just too funny. Then back at home Kana decides to give self-defense lessons to Chiaki’s friends, we see that her stupidity knows no bounds, but some of the girls are stupid enough to fall for it. when Kana is in the school library she runs into Fujioka and they talk for a while, then they meet two 3rd year girls, one of whom is the “official banchou” her name is Yu, but Kana thinks that Fujioka should battle her for the title banchou. The issue is settled by a game of rock, paper, and scissors, with the girl throwing the match to Fujioka. Then Kana finds out from the two 3rd year girls that there are many legends surrounding Haruka while she was in middle school and that Haruka was the original banchou, then Kana gets one of the girls to write down all of Haruka’s legends in a notebook. Later that evening at home Kana makes a reference to one of the incidents listed in the notebook drawing a shocked response from Haruka, later we get to see Haruka’s memory of the incident. Well that’s all for this episode, below are some screen shots.





     Well, Minami-ke episode 7 continues with the Makoto/Mako-chan cross-dressing storyline, what I find interesting is that he/she is now buying more girl clothes on his own, I know that it was his attraction to Haruka that caused his initial cross-dressing but now is it his continued attraction to Haruka or has Kana forced him to get in touch with his inner girl? Speaking of Kana, she is a good natured, caring girl at heart, but she has got to be one of the dumbest girls I seen recently in anime, I mean we see girls in anime that can be pretty clueless but Kana is a real rock. While most of the previous episodes were centered around Kana and Chiaki and their friends and the situations revolving around their school relationships, in these episodes Haruka is usually the voice of calm and reason and the stability in the household. While Haruka gets a lot of screen time we really don’t get to know any of her history or what makes her tick. So, I was really pleased seeing a episode featuring her background from junior high school, long live banchou Haruka Minami.