This episode starts off with Karen helping Takumi gather supplies from the storeroom, then Otoha gets mad at the maintenance crew because they are cold towards Aisha, and Ryohei tells her that they are uneasy around her, and someone else tells Otoha it’s because Aisha never shows any emotions. While gathering supplies Takumi finds some old fashioned camera film, and when Karen and Takumi return to the group he begins to take picture of everyone, but when it’s Karen’s turn, she runs off without letting him take her picture. All through the day Takumi goes around the ship taking pictures, and he finally catches Karen off guard and gets a picture of her. Later Otoha tries to get Aisha to smile for a picture but she doesn’t see a point to smiling or treasuring past memories. Just as Takumi is getting ready to take a picture of the group on the outside deck, the ship is attacked by the worms. Once in the air the sonic diver units are having a really tough time fighting the flying worm, the worm’s speed is so great that the girls can’t even land one hit on it. Things are going really badly in the fight, the ship is hit many times and the crew is battling the flames, and the girls are losing the air battle. At that moment Aisha makes some sort of mental contact with the worm, affecting it’s behavior, she basically freezes the worm in mid-air allowing the sonic diver units to finish the worm off, after the worm is destroyed Aisha passes out from the effort. After the battle Aisha earns the respect and friendship of crew for her efforts during the fight. Well, that’s all for this episode, below are some screen shots.






     Well were through twenty episodes of Sky Girls already, and only six more remain, this episode was all about memories, and the preservation of memories. Karen and Takumi got to spend some time alone talking, Takumi is the perfect guy for Karen, he’s easy going and relaxed, the kind of guy who will wait in Karen’s case for about five years for their first kiss. This episode also features Aisha’s integration into the crew, before this combat mission most of the crew was very weary of her due to her lack of emotions, but after Aisha’s role in defeating the worms is spread throughout the ship they finally consider her part of the “family”.